More than any other generation, they want to track their spending better in 2017.

Being the generation with the lowest average income, it’s no surprise millennials want more money. But paying off student loans? They’ll worry about that later.

A survey from GoBankingRates on money-related new year’s resolutions says young people want to earn more while baby boomers want to pay down debt. Women and men differ in approaching the same goal: Women plan to save, and men plan to get a raise. Meanwhile, more wealthy people — earning more than $150,000 a year — plan to start an emergency fund than any other income bracket.

Millennials may have selected to save more and spend less than other groups, but they’re not the only age group that are most interested in spending less money. Of the 5,097 overall surveyed, 22.73 percent chose that as their year’s financial goal. Here are some other interesting facts GBR found…

Woman are more responsible than men?

  • Only 10.58 percent of woman compared to 14.92 percent of men want to increase their income
  • 25 percent of women want to save more, compared to 22 percent of men
  • 8.46 percent of women want to improve their credit score compared to 6.25 percent of men
  • More men (6.47 percent) want to make a large purchase compared to 5.38 percent of women
  • But men seem more eager to retire, with 9.26 percent planning to save for retirement compared to 7.18 percent of women

The rich want it all

  • Among the wealthy, earning $150,000 and higher, 16.67 percent want to make more, compared to 11.26 percent of those making between $50,000-$74,999
  • 10 percent want to have more spending freedom
  • They also were the most likely bracket, at 13.33 percent, to want to make a large purchase.
  • Not to mention the highest recorded in the survey at 13.33 percent to want to save more for retirement

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