From iPhones to Twilight movie tickets, tell us your crazy story about waiting in line and win $50.

Wait in line for Apple’s new iPhone over the weekend? You weren’t alone.

USA Today reported on the “thousands” of users from all across the country who waited in line for hours, sometimes overnight and in freezing weather, so they could grab the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus.

The customers ranged from an app developer who said he wanted the new iPhone because “I need to have the newest phone for work,” to a 17-year old wedding DJ who said “I’m going to show this off like nobody’s business.”

How to win $50

If you’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time waiting in line for something, we want to hear about it.

It could be anything: Harry Potter movies, NFL ticket passes, or 10 pairs of panties from Victoria’s Secret on Black Friday.

Comment with your story below, or on our Facebook post to win. Our favorite wins a $50 Amazon gift card. Deadline to submit is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 28.

Last week’s winner

Last week we asked about the craziest thing you’ve bought at the dollar store. Our favorite story came from Ben M., who wrote:

My roommate and I once found about 3,000 candy canes in the alley behind dollar tree. We decided to play an elaborate prank on our third roommate, Matt.

We replaced all the food in the house with the candy canes. Cereal box? Candy canes. Milk? Candy canes. Peanut butter? Somewhat-crushed candy canes.

We pretended like we had no idea what he was talking about. “Looks like milk to me, bro. You feeling alright?” We started slipping the word candy cane into our sentences at random. For example: “Haha, yea, that episode of 30 Rock is hilarious candy cane.” He started looking at us really weird and you could tell his brain was slowly unraveling.

We ended the joke a little early because we became a little worried he was actually going insane. He took it pretty well 🙂

Well played, Ben. Now you can buy $50 worth of candy canes and do it to somebody else.

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