The number of people who want to vacation in the Middle East and who exactly owns convertibles.

64 percent

Employees in the Washington, DC, area who say “work-life balance is the most important factor for defining overall job satisfaction” — ahead of job security (54 percent) and even salary (54 percent). The survey by Eagle Hill Consulting only polled 389 professionals, but they were all in our greedy political capital, where principles supposedly go to die.

50 percent

“Global job optimism” as determined by Nielsen, the same folks who rate the popularity of TV shows. “Half of global respondents believed the job market would be good or excellent in the upcoming year,” says the company’s latest report, released Tuesday. That’s “a level not reached since 2007.”

50 percent

Buyers of convertible cars who have bachelor’s degrees, according to research released Tuesday by Experian Automotive. “Only 38.2 percent of average new car buyers had a similar education level.” Of course, the explanation doesn’t require investigation: “Nearly 19 percent of consumers purchasing a convertible had an average household income in excess of $175,000, and 11.7 percent owned a home valued at more than $1 million.”


30 percent

What a “bad hire” costs a company in that employee’s salary. In other words, hiring a person who needs to be fired soon after costs nearly a third of “that hire’s first year’s probable earnings,” says research released Tuesday by consulting firm PI Worldwide. That includes “productivity loss and lost opportunities, morale implications, turnover, and recruiting costs.” For a senior executive, the loss could total $50,000.

2 percent

Americans whose idea of a dream vacation is “a Middle Eastern country,” according to a Harris poll released Thursday. Harris asked more than 2,200 adults where they would want to take a summer vacation if money was no object. European countries totaled 50 percent, while not going anywhere (3 percent) was still better than a Mideast vacation.

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