Holiday shopping 2014 described in depressing digits.


$1.35 billion

How much Americans will spend on holiday gifts online on Thanksgiving Day, according to the 2014 Digital Index Online Shopping Forecast. That’s 27 percent more than last year. So much for family time.


The average that U.S. households will spend on gifts this holiday season, according to a global research association called The Conference Board. That’s up slightly from $528 last year, and while 32 percent plan to spend less and 60 percent plan to spend the same, 8 percent say they’ll spend more. A lot more.


65 percent

Americans who “say going to the mall during the holidays is their worst nightmare,” according to business consulting firm Accent. Yet they’re all going.


56 percent

Americans who would “gift secondhand” if they could get away with it, according to online shop thredUP. This goes beyond re-gifting, which is passing off a gift you received as one you bought for someone else. Secondhand gifting is buying used items and wrapping them up as gifts, possibly in wrapping paper you’ve used before.


30 percent

Parents who ” plan to purchase all of their gifts the night before the holidays,” according to Sallie Mae. Another 26 “admitted to re-gifting.” Oh, and only 44 percent of parents ” expect to stick to their budget when holiday shopping this year” while 27 percent “will not have a budget at all.” So children, do as your parents say, not as they do.


18 percent

Adults who, “when asked who gave the worst gift last year” replied “boss or coworker,” according to shopping site Ebates. That narrowly beat out “in-laws.”

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