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87 percent

Americans who say they “eat out most or almost every meal and snack while traveling.” In a survey of 2,000 travelers, 70 percent said an in-room kitchen was a more important amenity than a fitness center or a spa. This is good news to Extend Stay America, the hotel chain that commissioned the survey. It offers in-room kitchens.

80 percent

“Overall customer satisfaction within the banking industry,” according to a study by a consulting firm called CFI Group.

If you have a hard time believing banks are beloved by so many of their customers, the reason might be simple: Fewer of us are actually going to the bank.

“Only 37 percent of customers are visiting a branch more than once a month,” the study says. “Customers of all ages have made web-based banking a way of life — 86 percent of those between 18-49 are doing at least half of their banking remotely, and 76 percent of those between 50 and over are doing so.”

75 percent

American workers who are “more likely to search for a new job” after a vacation than any other time. Jobs site polled more than 1,000 of its members and also found 55 percent have taken a vacation to look for another job or are considering it.

49 percent

Single parents who say they “cannot possibly save enough for retirement,” according to a survey by financial services company Allianz. This despite the fact that “more single parents identify themselves as savers (62 percent) than spenders (38 percent).” OK, this one isn’t funny at all. In fact, it’s downright depressing.

45 percent

Parents who tell auto site that they’re taking their kids on a Labor Day road trip and probably “will threaten to turn the car around at least once.” Another useless stat from that same survey: “34 percent of road trippers will take anywhere from 1-10 selfies on their journey.”

28.99 percent

The highest APR charged on an American credit card, as of the end of last week. That honor goes to Zales, a national chain of jewelry stores that offers its own card. The average rate, according to, is 23.23 percent. Apparently, diamonds are forever, and so is your debt if you shop with a Zales card.

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