Creative ways to save on food, tuition costs, and dating.

14 Ways to Stop Being a Chump at the Pump

SmartAsset — Gas prices may be sliding a bit, but they’re still well above $3 per gallon. (Remember when people said they were going to ride horses to work once it got that bad?) Every little bit counts, and this post spells out the savings for each strategy. Cleaning out your trunk could save three cents per gallon, and keeping your tires properly inflated another 6 cents per gallon.

How to Save for Retirement When You’re Broke

MoneyNing — Basic working knowledge of finances tells you you should start saving now, but what if you just graduated from college or just got laid off? The author tells you three simple ways to start small and earn money for yourself as time and interest compound.

Eat for less: Transform Cheap Vegetables into Many Healthy Meals

Money Principle — If you’ve got some extra time but are low on cash, check this out: Maria Nedeva spent $10.86 on cooking 46 healthy meals. Specifically, soup: lentil, tomato, and vegetable soup. Overall, she said it took her and her husband three or four hours over the weekend, but that hard work translated into a pittance spent per meal: 25 cents.

16 Inexpensive Date Ideas

Listen Money Matters — If you’re getting tired of taking your girlfriend to dinner and a movie (boring, and also expensive) check out these great alternative ideas: going to a semi-pro sports game, going on walks and picnics in the park,  wine tastings, cooking together at home, and picking up a sport together.

From Ketchup-Tasting To Funeral Home Flirting, How Consumerist Readers Paid For College Without Loans

Consumerist — Those skyrocketing tuition bills won’t pay themselves. If you have a couple of extra minutes and want to be entertained, read about how some creative types paid their way through college. There’s working at the college bookstore, and then there’s tasting ketchup and cleaning toilets to pay the bills.

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