Get rich in your 20s, retirement bummers, quick cash, spending urges and a financial personality quiz.

1. If You’re Not Getting Rich in your 20s, You’re Doing it Wrong

Mr. Money Mustache – The Mustache Man writes this blog in response to an article Elite Daily published (that I am purposely not providing a link to). That article’s main theme is: Make more money now while you’re young so you can spend it, not save it for retirement.  It received, believe it or not, over 2 million “likes” on Facebook.

That number spurred this counter punch by Mr. Money Mustache:  “… it has probably fooled thousands of financially suicidal people into thinking they are not sabotaging their own lives after all.” Read his full response. It’s entertaining and enlightening.

2. 9 Things That Can Make Retirement Really Stink

Money Talks News – Talking about saving for retirement — two main reasons why your retirement might stink involve money. One reason is not having enough money. Maybe that’s because people don’t save enough or at all in their 20s.

The second is: “You may outlive your money.”  Avoid that by saving as much money as possible now. There’s also a reason involving STDs. Seniors are apparently sexually active. I guess that’s another thing we younger people don’t understand about retirement. Here are some changes in retirement you should consider.


3. 5 Ways to Make Quick Cash (That Won’t Get You Arrested)

Modest Money – Forget about spending money recklessly. Make some money instead.  Adam says, “Embrace the Green.” And he doesn’t mean money. He means become more environmentally friendly. Collect cans and bottles and bring them to a recycling center. You won’t get rich quick but you will earn a few extra bucks.

Adam also recommends becoming a dealer. He doesn’t mean anything illegal, either. Companies such as Scentsy will pay you commissions for selling their products. It’s not for everyone, but if you have an outgoing personality, why not give it a go.

4. 5 Ways to Control Your Spending Urges

Dinks Finance — After you earn that extra money, save it, don’t spend it. If you’re a spender by nature, Kristina has great tips on curbing that spending. I love the first one: “Stop thinking spending makes you happy.” Spending, like most everything else, has consequences. In this case it’s credit card debt. That usually doesn’t make anyone happy.

The last one is also valuable: “Think about what you’re giving up when you spend.” Spending sprees prevent you from saving for retirement or maybe a family vacation. Irrational spenders end up in debt and depressed. Don’t be that person.

5. What’s Your Financial Personality? The Science Behind Your Spending

Debt Roundup — Now you can discover what makes you a spender or a savvy saver. Grayson found a really cool financial personality quiz created by Dr. J. Galen Buckwalter. After Grayson took the quiz, he found out he was categorized as The Architect. That means he knows “everything about his money down to every penny.”

There are 10 personality types. Let’s hope after you take the quiz you won’t fall into the Storyteller category. If you do, then you love spending time and money with friends — and strangers. If you find that you’re a very disciplined saver during the week, but bust your budget on the weekend, use these tips and save all week long.

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