Put on your yoga pants, play some personal finance games, and network like a damned genius.

1. Networking Like a Pro

Broke Girl Rich — Everybody has advice on networking, but not everybody “began my finance career on the trading floor of a large investment bank at the ripe age of 22,” one month out of college. “The phrase ‘thrown to the wolves’ is a good one to describe the experience,” says Shannon McLay. Between that and her work in sales,  she has some interesting advice — not just the trite “be yourself,” but be yourself even if that means cussing like a sailor. People either get offended and leave, or let down their guard — a win either way.

2. My favorite budget beauty items

Debt Free in Three — I can’t tell the difference between liquid eyeliner and lip gloss, so I’m definitely not the target audience here. But I’m a sucker for straight advice for saving money on something specific, so Zina Kumok had me hooked when she pointed out name brand quality wasn’t anything special and started pricing alternatives, telling me how long they last, and why they’re better. And I trust anybody willing to write about their back acne on the Internet.

3. Three Months Without Shopping or Takeout Coffee

Blonde on a Budget — Here’s a harrowing tale of surviving in the wilderness: Cait Flanders put herself on a “yearlong shopping ban,” only allowing the essentials and gifts for other people. It’s fascinating to see how she’s feeling a quarter of the way through the journey — she’s beaten her coffee cravings, and actually found that passing up e-book sales is harder. “When I see they are just $0.99-2.99, I still have internal temper tantrums,” she says, but she puts them on a library waitlist. Getting into the details of her spending and mental battles leaves you feeling like maybe you could do this, too.

4. Yoga and Money

Frugal Confessions — What do these topics have in common? You might expect something about easing the stress of finances with a workout sessions, but Amanda writes about something else entirely. She argues yoga poses are a great metaphor for training your mind to stretch your dollars, and offers a detailed comparison between a friend’s situation — his fiancee left him over how he manages money, and he missed out on a major job opportunity because he couldn’t afford to relocate after living beyond his means — and where her own could have gone wrong if she hadn’t gradually learned to prepare for financial opportunities.

5. Friday Five: 5 Personal Finance Games You Should Be Playing

Phroogal — Besides perhaps Monopoly, there aren’t many games about money that aren’t designed for kids. Jason writes about a few that were definitely designed with kids in mind, but are challenging enough for adults — and not surprisingly, two of them are sports-oriented. Check out Financial Football, Financial Soccer, and a financial choose-your-own-adventure called Spent. There are a couple games just for kids, too.

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