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1. 5 Ways That Money Buys Happiness (Sort Of)

Money Mozart — Money doesn’t literally buy happiness. But Chris found ways we can “increase our happiness with the money we are spending.” He found them in a book entitled Happy Money: The New Science of Smarter Spending. The first smarter spending concept focuses on paying for experiences rather than things. A vacation brings so much more value and memories, than buying the latest cell phone.

The fourth concept is “stop using credit cards.” When we charge something we feel instant gratification. That wears off quickly, though. As our debt increases, those happy feelings turn sour. And you can still build credit by using these seven ways to build credit without a credit card.

2. 9 Money Mistakes

Gail Vaz-Oxlade — Everyone makes mistakes with their money. And that’s the point Gail makes here. She says so many people are making the same mistakes, they don’t seem like mistakes at all. It’s just normal money management. But in reality it’s mismanagement.

These mistakes include not saving for an emergency fund, and paying off credit card debt by taking cash advances on your other cards. Here are some other money mistakes people make and will regret as they grow older. If you’re making these mistakes, change your money management techniques quickly.

3. The ‘Money Talk’ You and Your Partner Need To Have

Money Ning — We discussed talking about money with your partner last week. For most people, this conversation is uncomfortable. But it’s better than the alternative: constant bickering about financial issues or employing furtive tricks like hiding money from your spouse, which probably means your relationship is nearly over.

Connie makes it more comfortable by providing some useful pointers on how you can jump-start the conversation. She recommends covering several topics. One topic that makes people squirm is debt. You should know how much debt your partner owes and they should know the same about you. And be honest.

4. 6 Reasons to Start Paying Off Debt Now

Fruclassity — Today in America, and many other countries, debt is the norm for families. As Laurie says, people just go about their business living above their means. It’s like they’re hiding from their debt. She and her husband lived that lifestyle in the past, so she has some experience on this subject.

But five years ago, they decided enough was enough. They’ve been paying off their debt since then, and living below their means. They feel great about it, too. So she’s sharing her reasons why paying off your debt is much more rewarding than living the “norm.” The fifth reason is your future. With so much debt, a comfortable retirement is doubtful. Check out her other reasons.

5. The Case for Sharing Your Passwords

Money Talks NewsIdentity theft and cyber attacks are a common occurrence these days. Huge corporations and individuals alike become victims. But that shouldn’t stop people who are married or in “committed relationships” from sharing their information. Why? Because if you suffer some terrible trauma and can’t communicate with your partner, they won’t have access to your accounts.

But how you share your passwords can be the difference in keeping them safe or putting them at risk. Krystal provides two simple methods that you can use. One is technical, the other is basic. She describes how you can make either one work for you.

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