Cashing in on your holiday party, making money online and the Ferguson impact.

1. 4 Things I Wouldn’t Do to Save Money

Red Debted Stepchild — We usually focus on topics and ideas that help us save money on this site. Kayla runs through where she draws the line, like eating expired or bad food. (She does compromise: “I do have a couple of boxes of cereal in my pantry that I plan on eating even though their best-by date has come and gone.”)

Another thing that grabbed my attention was her unwillingness to purchase clothes, wear them for an event and then return them for a refund. She calls that “stealing.” She also refuses to “give up on my pets,” but she has cut back on toys and treats for them.

2. If You Think This is About Extreme Frugality, You’re Missing the Point

Mr. Money Mustache — This blog is in response to comments readers made on a New Yorker story written about Mr. Money Mustache. Those comments implied that he wants you to live like your poor, even if you’re not. That’s not how the Mustachian views his philosophy. He believes frugality “is not about being cheap, minimalist, or extreme.” It’s a way of life. You don’t have to spend money to achieve happiness.

He apparently can afford many luxuries in life but chooses not to. For example, he doesn’t “swim and paddle kayaks and canoes all summer” because he can’t purchase a “twin-engine motorboat.” He does it for recreation because “muscle wins over motor every f*cking time.” Check him out.

3. 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Holiday Party

Life After College — If you want to cash in on your job’s holiday party be prepared to network, “investigate gossip” and get “your cheer back.” This blogger says mingle with different people, especially those “who could influence your career.” Don’t just hang out with your normal group.

As far as the gossip, “you don’t have to participate.” Just listen in and find out the latest news.  And don’t bring in negative feelings to the party, even if you hate your job. Be merry. Who knows, if you mingle with the right people, and use the gossip to your advantage, you could get a raise.

4. 3 Really Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Color Me Frugal — Dee says you don’t even have to leave your home to earn a few extra bucks. Instead, take surveys, and use Swagbucks and Ebates. Her favorite survey destination is Harris Poll Online. They are less confusing and “they offer the ability to redeem rewards for gift cards” that she’s actually interested in, like Walmart and Amazon.

Swagbucks is a search engine you use to earn points, which you can redeem and get things such as Amazon gift cards. Ebates is “a shopping portal, only instead of earning points for gift cards you earn cash back…” Nice.

5. I live 2.5 Miles Away From #Ferguson & I’m an Accountant. Here’s What Ferguson Means for STL in the Years to Come

Retired by 40 — The blogger makes it clear this is not about Michael Brown or Darren Wilson. This is about “the short and long-term effects that violent acts of protest” bring about economically. She works on an airport property for a hotel. The hotel is booked with airline personnel and news crews. The “meeting spaces are being rented by activist groups.” Short-term looks good.

But long-term is a different story. She says “huge corporations have taken St. Louis completely off the map for events, expansion, and are even thinking about moving…” There go the jobs with them. She even thinks real estate will plummet. The moral is, violence not only impacts people physically and emotionally, it can also devastate them financially.

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