How technology can crush your finances, tips for generating money online, taking control of your money, and what you really need to budget.

1. 5 Expenses to Budget For Ahead of Time

Young Adult Money — It’s inevitable: You don’t have much extra cash saved up and something breaks in your home, and a monthly expense comes due. What do you do? Put the expense on your credit card. That’s why Erin wants you budgeting for these things. Her first expense is the car: insurance, inspection, registration costs. They all add up, and having that money set aside makes life easier.

She lists four other expenses and then provides valuable advice on budgeting. One bit of advice is opening up separate savings accounts for the various expenses that occur each month. That may get a bit confusing for some, but it works for her. It’s also automated, which makes saving more efficient.

2. Technology Is Revealing One Big Flaw That Crushes Our Finances

Luke 1428 —  Brian isn’t bashing technology, but as he points out, most everyone spends time online, owns a phone, and has access to gaming devices. It’s amazing families ever get to sit down and actually talk with one another without the TV on.

Aside from that, people feel the need to buy these electronics. And as these devices (phones, laptops, tablets) quickly improve from generation to generation, that need increases, and so does the cost. It’s a never-ending cycle of “keeping up with the Joneses.” People are never content with something old. If you’re not content, Brian tells you how to “practice contentment” and also save money.

3. Money Statistics That May Scare You

Making Sense of Cents — After doing some online research Michelle found five “scary money statistics.” The two that really stick out are 68 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and that student loan debt averages $32,264. has reported on student loan debt and has a section on their website that focuses on student loans. Michelle provides additional links after each statistic that offer advice on improving your financial situation. It’s an educational read and it’s also a hard look into our country’s financial problems.

4. 7 Step Plan to Take Control of Your Money Today

Color Me Frugal — Dee is a financial blogger who is struggling with debt. Her observation that debt, or other financial worries, are “running, and in some cases ruining, your life” hits home for a lot of people. That’s why she made this plan not only for her readers, but herself too.

She goes over the basics of budgeting and saving more money, which is helpful. But the one thing that I think is most urgent for many people is changing your spending habits. She and her husband ate out often, and that drained their finances. What spending habits can you improve?

5. 4 Specific Ways to Make Money Online

Club Thrifty — Before you can start generating money online, you must have an online presence. It’s all about creating a place where potential customers can visit. Greg says to start a blog like he did, or create a website for another purpose. Then choose from his suggestions.

The important thing is, “you need to have money flowing in from several different income streams.” That’s why he suggests using all of his methods if you can. If your website offers a service, then create a product to go along with it. That increases your potential for making money. It’s an interesting read.

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