Downton Abbey, business apps and 30 days without soda.

1. 7 Financial Lessons We Can Learn From Five Seasons Of Downton Abbey

L Bee and the Moneytree — I’ve never watched Downton Abbey but it certainly seems like money is a major theme. Lauren draws some sensible conclusions about finances in this series that work for our era. “Never put your eggs into one basket” is good advice for investors.

But my favorite one is “get a pre-nup.” I’m not sure if it’s the financial advice that I’m interested in, or the storyline. Poor Mr. Bates ends up in jail. I’m guessing his relationship with his wife wasn’t very healthy.

2. 5 Awesome Business Apps — The Latest and the Best

Modest Money — Adam is always on the prowl to find new business apps that can help you run your business more efficiently and save you money. The B2B app Business Vibes sounds especially useful if you’re looking to build relationships with other businesses. He’s also excited about OneNote, a note-taking and to-do list app. Check out the rest of his list and let him know about your favorite apps.

3. This is the Dumbest Reason to Buy a New Vehicle     

Debt Roundup — I agree, no doubt about it: Lower gas prices. It makes no sense, especially if you’re buying an SUV or pickup truck that gets terrible mileage. But these are the cars people want. Grayson did the research and found truck sales increased by nearly 20% compared to last year at this time.

And there is a correlation between lower gas prices and higher truck sales. When will people learn? Gas prices fluctuate. They’ve already gone back up in my area by .30 cents a gallon in the past month. He says buy a larger car or truck based on affordability. Read his blog and learn before you buy.

4. Reasons to Study Finance

First Quarter Finance — Will admits that studying finance sounds boring, but it “can actually be an exciting – and rewarding – move.” He goes on to reveal four reasons why studying finance can benefit you in the long run.

I found number two the most beneficial: “Finance is universal.” Regardless of what field you want to work in, finances always apply. It doesn’t matter if it’s corporate banking or, like he says charities or the arts, there is a need for someone “with a head for finances.”

5. 30 Days Without Soda

Big Guy Money — The Big Guy has been drinking soda for almost half of his life. He drank three to four cans a day. When he quit cold turkey, the first 10 days he suffered both physically and emotionally. Headaches, irritability, depression and lethargy plagued him.

But he persevered and as time went on the side effects disappeared. He also saved around $90 on soda for that month — which includes soda bought at the store and at restaurants. And he lost 10 pounds. Way to go, Big Guy.

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