Find a new side hustle, negotiate your medical bills and save more money

1. Why Every Millennial Needs a Side Hustle

Budget Blonde — Making extra money is a good idea for any generation. Kayla focuses on Millennials but you could use these tips, too — even if you’re a Baby Boomer.  She says a side hustle helps you learn new skills. You can also focus on things you enjoy doing.

My mother-in-law loves quilting. So she quilts and sells them for extra cash. Side hustles also help with paying the bills, such as student loans or the rent. As far as Millennials go, Kayla says they have more time on their hands. Most aren’t busy raising families, so why not profit from that extra time.

2. 10 Side Hustles for Extra Cash in Your Pockets Now

Color Me Frugal — Let’s keep the extra cash theme going. Jason provides some cool ideas. His first hustle is “Create a Course Using Udemy.” If you’re a great photographer, fly fisherman or quilter, you can use their website and craft an online course. Their website notes that the average online instructor makes $7,000.

He also says you can offer “unlimited” services on Fiverr. Just explore their website. He highlights one woman who made $10,000 using her pet parrot for advertisement ideas. There are more mundane ideas too, such as becoming a dog sitter.

3. Successfully Negotiate Your Medical Bills in 7 Simple Steps

Money Talks News — Maryalene says the new “high-deductible” health insurance plans offered now are putting some people in debt. A recent survey found one in three people are struggling with medical bills. But before you negotiate, she says try to “keep your bills low from the start.”

If you must have a procedure done, you can usually choose the facility you want it performed at. Ask your doctor or surgeon about your options. Just make sure the facility is in your insurance provider’s network. As far as negotiating, she says don’t call your insurance as soon as you get the bill. Wait a few weeks. When you do call,  early morning is best. Check out the other steps.

4. How to Save Money: It Starts with the Right Mindset

Len Penzo dot Com — Let’s save money. Sabado says you must “learn how to change your mindset from spending  to savoring” the things you already own or use. Sounds like a plan. One tip focuses on a subject we’ve talked about before — Keeping up with the Joneses.

Just because your friends use the latest cell phones or drive the best cars doesn’t mean you must follow suit. Be your own person. As you read this blog, you’ll notice the main theme is stop chasing after what you don’t have. It’s good advice. Give it a read.

5. Finding Time for a Side Gig and Making More Money (It’s Possible!)

Debt Roundup — We began with side hustle ideas. Let’s end by making extra time for those side hustles. Mike’s first tip is “conduct a time audit.” He says for at least a week “keep track of what you’re doing.” Count the hours that you work, commute, watch TV or play video games — what ever you spend time on.

Once you discover what you’re doing with your time, cutting out those wasted hours will be easy. He also notes that finding a “dedicated work space” is essential. Just like anything else that takes concentration, creating a new side hustle will require your full attention. Here are some more tips for finding odd jobs.

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