Mason jar salads, lunch break cash, and job hunting.

1. Newest Obsession: Mason Jar Salads

Lisa vs. the Loans — With the goal of becoming healthier and saving a few bucks, Lisa started taking salads to work in a plastic container. Unfortunately the salads were wasted because the small amount of dressing she put on drenched the greens by lunchtime. Then she saw mason jar salads online.

Since she had already bought a dozen mason jars a few months earlier and had four left, she tried it out. And Lisa loves it. She even provides directions on how to properly prepare the salads. Now we can all keep the crunch in our salads.

2. 10 Ways to Earn Money in Your Lunch Break

Disease Called Debt — Why wait until you get off of work to earn extra money? You can do it at your job, and besides this blogger found that “too often I was really tired and the last thing I wanted to do was even more work…” when she got home.

So she came up with 10 ways to cash in on your lunch. My favorites include selling lunches to your co-workers, “become a personal fitness coach,” and complete surveys. She even gives you 20 survey sites as a head start. Check out her full list.

3. The Importance Of Introducing Discomfort Into Your Life

The Shop My Closet Project — Michelle believes most Americans really have it good. After all, food is available to us, we have running water, and we have lots of clothes. We are mostly comfortable. But discomfort can get us out of our comfort zone — and help us save money. It also has a way of inspiring people. It can “make or break you.”

She goes over how she introduced discomfort in her life, like not having a car, and then gives us a few more ideas. One example is giving up shopping for a year. How have you introduced discomfort into your life and saved money?

4. Not So Obvious Steps If You Want a New Job

Luke 1428 — Brian’s first bit of advice about finding a new job is “don’t jump the gun.” In other words, think very carefully about leaving your current position. You could end up with no job at all for a while. He then goes through six steps that help you decide if leaving your job is the best choice.

The two steps that are most interesting are “why” do you want a new job and “can you even find that job in your area.” It makes sense to seriously consider why you want to quit your current job and if the job you want exists within a reasonable commute — especially if you don’t have the funds to relocate.

5. Involve the Kids in Finances

Six Figures Under — This is sound advice every parent should heed. Kids that learn about money at an early age “will have a real advantage when it comes to the ‘real world.'” The real world of finances, that is.

Stephanie lists some dos and don’ts when it comes to involving the kids. But more interestingly, she believes kids could help us adults stay honest with our financial goals. Her kids called her out when she decided to blow some money at a drive-through restaurant. Nice job, kids.

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