Get a raise, don't wash your clothes and frugal weirdos.

1. Psychological Tricks That Will Get You a Raise

Luke 1428 — Brian wants to help you get a raise — by using psychology. But first you’ll need evidence that you deserve one. Gather testimonials, “outline successful projects” and demonstrate your worth to the boss. Then it’s time to use his psychological tricks.

He provides three of them, but one stands out for me: “know your bosses’ priorities.” By doing that you’re proving you have an understanding of the company and what the boss wants. You’re basically on the same page moving forward.

2. Don’t Wash Your Clothes Everyday

Early Retirement Extreme — Jacob’s “wardrobe is intentionally matched to the laundry cycle.” When he has to do a full load of wash it means he has no clothes left to wear. He also only uses a clothes line for drying clothes, which could pose a problem for people in the Northeast right now.

Check out his “clothes schedule.” It reveals how long he wears each piece of clothing. Also check out the comments section. There’s some great advice and humorous remarks.

3. 11 Ways To Be A Frugal Weirdo And Love It

Frugalwoods — The Frugalwoods are pumped up about being frugal. (As we know.) And they want us to join them. Some of their tips make sense too, like stop eating out. My family has also cut that expense down drastically. Not spending money on entertainment is an interesting concept, but harder to accomplish.

There’s a good section on “wants and needs” that everyone looking to save money should check out — testing whether you need to replace something is great advice. If you can handle their “frugal weirdness,” you’ll definitely cut costs. Just be careful when dumpster diving.

4. Advantages of Online Grocery Shopping

Get Rich Slowly — Lisa hates grocery shopping. The place where she shops is a 28-mile round trip, so you can see why. This takes up a lot of her time and transportation costs have mounted. So she’s been experimenting with online shopping with Amazon, Netgrocer and Vitacost.

It doesn’t seem like any of these place have the selection or prices to compare with her regular grocery store. She does save on shipping with Amazon, and Vitacost does offer great sales and free shipping. It seems like a promising option for some products, but not a replacement to brick-and-mortar shopping.

5. Want to Retire Early? Become a Police Officer

Monster Piggy Bank — Work for only 20 years and retire with a fair pension and benefits. That’s unusual for the current workforce. Most employees won’t be offered a pension or solid benefits package. But then, they also most likely don’t risk their lives on a daily basis.

Glen reports that “the average pension for a retired police officer is about $58,563.” He also says a majority of the officers start working in their twenties and retire in their forties. And once they retire, they could still teach college criminal justice with the right college degree or find a less dangerous job.

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