Cheap food, making the most out of college and happy living.

Is college worth it?

1. What My Cheap Food Was Costing Me

Frugal Rules — Fast food is king: It’s cheap, tasty, and widely available. It’s also, for the most part, terrible for you. As John says, a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese value meal is 1,060 calories. Bad news. And that’s not considering the amount of fat, sodium and processed ingredients.

He was also leading his kids and wife down this cheap, convenient path. He works finances into the post by making this point — poor diet leads to poor health, which leads to more expenses. He also draws parallels to lazy eating habits with lazy financial habits. Do you agree?

2. What Parents Can Do To Help Their Child Make The Most Out Of College

Making Sense of Cents — This blog comes from “a new mom with an eight-month-old” child. Good for her thinking about college expenses, even at this early stage. One thing that she found through studying different sources of data is internships during college are a huge plus. Hiring rates for graduates that attended internships during college is 63 percent. Without one, it’s 35 percent.

She also lists a bunch of other good advice for parents, including helping your kids learn the art of job searching. provides plenty of advice on college, including information on student loans and your options for repaying them.

3. Why You Should Take Charge of Your Financial Education

Well Kept Wallet — Many years ago Laurie worked for a “large banking chain” and the experts there happily bestowed their money expertise upon her. Unfortunately the advice suited their needs, not the common sense needs of a person eager to learn about finances. They basically preached that giving people credit was a good thing, even if they couldn’t really afford it.

You’ll have to read her post to get the details, but it’s interesting. Not only the general premise that you can’t trust everyone’s financial advice but also how easily people are willing to risk their financial lives because a bank “professional” tells them it’s okay. Use this as a lesson.

4. A Single Person’s Guide to Frugal and Happy Living

Frugalwoods — The good people at Frugalwoods joined with Sam from for this insightful post. He was involved in a long-distance relationship that cost him a lot of money. He would treat his girlfriend to “lavish hotels” and gifts “to make her happy.”

She actually called him out on his spending and when the relationship finally failed, he turned to the frugal life. He got rid of his car, bought a bike, and made many other changes. Now he’s happy and content. But if there’s ever any doubt, he reminds himself of three important things. It’s a great read for anyone thinking about becoming more frugal — single or not.

5. Is the Cost of College Worth It?

Club Thrifty — Generally speaking, Holly believes the cost of college is worth it. Although there are times when it’s a “bad investment.” She gives the example of spending $90,000 on a degree in a field that’s notoriously low-paying.

The best parts of this post are when she discusses how she plans to save enough money for her kids’ education. She provides four excellent examples, including taking advantage of community colleges. also reported on what parents shouldn’t do to pay for their kid’s college.

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