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1.Don’t Be Seduced by Pseudo-Sales and Special Promotions While Grocery Shopping

Pro Finance Blog – All grocery sales aren’t created equal. That’s especially true in stores where “by one get one free” sales are commonplace now. But Tina says: “Don’t immediately assume that the “sale” price is really a sale at all.”

For example, before you purchase a “two-for-one”, or “three-for-one” sale item, check out the single price of the item. As she says, if the single item is $3.00 and you’re getting three for $10, it’s not a sale. Read on about how grocery stores “seduce” you into buying. Howard Dvorkin, chairman of, also discusses such tactics in his book Power Up.

2. Did We Forget About the Recession?

Budget and the Beach – Tonya’s noticed new retail stores popping up around her neighborhood. She also noticed that “the general money attitude” that people have has changed. Here in Florida, new and expensive homes are being built at an alarming rate. It’s as if everyone’s back on “spend” mode.

She’s not sure if people have forgotten the recession, but she is positive money problems still exist. For example, revealed, “62 percent of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts.”  How about you, did you forget about the recession?

3. The Ultimate Guide on How to Make the Best Monthly Budget

Luke 1428 – Brian says he’s written extensively about budgeting. But this time he’s combining all his “knowledge” and putting it into one post. This is personal for him, because “living on a budget” turned his life around financially. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a budget newbie or Vet, there’s something for everyone here.

This blog is comprehensive. In fact, Brian breaks down his budgeting tips into 11 sections. The last section is entitled: “Budgeting resources that work.” I’d like to add another budgeting resource: PowerWallet. It’s a great money management tool for budgeting and more.

4. 7 Money Lessons I Would Give to My 20-Year-Old Self

Good Financial Cents – Jeff wasn’t always smart with his finances. Before he became a successful financial advisor, he made some bonehead mistakes. His third one is probably an error many 20-somethings make — but they’re not alone, many people much older are also guilty of it.

The mistake is not investing early enough. He only invested around $50 a month and “tended to waste” the rest “on crap.”  He laments the fact that he would probably have a bunch more money for retirement if he just started sooner. See if you’ve made the same mistakes as Jeff.

5. 7 Easy Ways to Get Credit When You’re Starting Out or Starting Over

Money Talks News – Building credit from scratch is a challenge in this country. It seems like you can’t get credit unless you already have credit – but how can you already have credit if you can’t get it? Allison comes up with seven ways that may help you overcome this challenge.

The sixth way (“applying for a department store credit card”), can be smart but also dangerous. As she says, “This option definitely requires self-discipline.” The dangerous part is, some people will overcharge on the card, not pay it off in a timely manner and damage their credit history. Check out the other ways.

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