And the salary you could be earning as soon as you get it.

What happens when you combine a list of the hottest careers with a list of the highest-paying jobs? Theoretically, you discover the best major to seek in college.

With college costs skyrocketing, you need some assurances you’ll graduate into a career that’s hiring — and one that will pay you enough to handle the average $32,731 in student loans. (Yup, that’s the national average these days, according to the Federal Reserve.)

We cross-referenced two sets of data to figure out how much you’ll make if you get a job through one of the top ten degrees for job-seekers. Sources include research from jobs site, which calculated college degrees with the best job prospects, and degree-specific earnings data from compensation research site Payscale.

What did we find? For one thing, the three degrees that get you the initially highest salaries straight out of school are also the three degrees whose average salaries grow the least in the first decade.

Let’s take a look at the rest of the degrees.

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