Hint: You'll talk to robots and visit outer space. But you'll probably still lose your luggage.

Travelocity? Orbitz? Priceline? Kayak?

Those cutting-edge travel sites will be ancient tech in six years, if you believe a poll released today from Switchfly, a software service company. The company asked more than 2,000 adults what they expect for the future of travel.

The most expected innovations…

  • Your computer or phone will know “your favorite place to sit in planes, and your car and hotel preferences.” (39 percent think this’ll happen.)
  • No more boarding passes even on your phone. Airlines will use facial recognition software during check in. (37 percent)
  • Booking your vacation will “require only one-click of your smart device,” which includes “smart watch” and “smart glasses.” (37 percent)

Then there’s this ominous-sounding prediction:

“Computers will know who you want to travel with.” (20 percent)

And where will they go? Out of this world. Five percent think they’ll have already “traveled into space around low Earth Orbit by 2020.  Another 3 percent of Americans expect to have visited either the international space station or Mars.”

Interestingly, technology won’t solve everything, because 41 percent think they have to “talk to a real person” at some point to book their vacations — although 18 percent “say they expect to talk to a robot that will be more helpful than a person.”

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