This week: Getting medical but not getting better.


100 percent

Americans who “failed to identify all warning signs of a brain aneurysm,” according to The Lisa Colagrossi Foundation. That might not sound like a big deal until you realize: These ruptures in the brain’s blood vessels occur every 18 minutes somewhere in the country.

80 percent

Employees who say “they would take a pay cut if it meant that they would never catch a cold again,” according to Ricola USA, which makes those throat lozenges. Meanwhile, “61 percent of Americans would rather sit next to a crying baby than someone with a cold on a cross-country flight.”

6 in 10

American adults who “are considering a cosmetic medical procedure” sometime in their lives, according to a very pleased American Society for Dermatologic Surgery — because that’s double the 3 in 10 who said the same thing in 2013. This includes everything from Botox injections to boob jobs.

1 in 4

Americans who say “have emailed or texted a photo of a medical issue to a doctor,” according to Ketchum’s medical statistics. More than half have texted a “medical professional.”

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