Thanks to the Internet, more people now report being able to fix their own cars — saving them time and money.

People used to go an auto repair shop to fix broken air conditioners or get a muffler replaced. But now, they’re making more of their own repairs — saving money, and having fun doing it.

Of course, money is the top reason, Auto Parts Warehouse said in a survey released Tuesday. One-third of people who fix their own cars report saving at least $1,000 a year. Another third of DIYers save between $500 and $1,000 a year.

But a large number (66 percent) also said they fix their own cars for plain old enjoyment. And it’s not just men.

The number of DIY auto repairers — both men and women — has been increasing in recent years, partially because they’re keeping cars longer (nearly half said their car was 10+ years old), but mostly because parts and advice are easy to get online. Here are all the reasons people say they go DIY…

  • To save money – 79 percent
  • I enjoy it – 66 percent
  • It’s a hobby because I have a classic or exotic car – 13 percent
  • I have the expertise – 39 percent
  • I trust myself more than a mechanic – 41 percent

While there still aren’t as many women as men, we’re getting closer to a balance — 55 percent of women said they are doing more repair work this year than last. They’re also more likely to learn it from someone else than on their own. Women say they’ve learned auto repairs from their dad or a family member at a higher rate (44 percent) than men (29 percent).

Men are more likely to attempt difficult repairs like replacing transmission filters, but the breakdown of tasks is interesting…

Which of these jobs do you do yourself?

Change muffler:

  • Male – 31 percent
  • Female – 13 percent

Repair A/C:

  • Male – 37 percent
  • Female – 21 percent

Replace transmission filters:

  • Male – 38 percent
  • Female – 16 percent

 Flush radiator/cooling system:

  • Male – 51 percent
  • Female – 29 percent

Replace spark plugs:

  • Male – 62 percent
  • Female – 38 percent

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