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Top Personal Finance Questions

Find the answers you need to all those financial questions you should know, but were never taught.

Welcome to our comprehensive personal finance FAQ

Most people never got lessons in personal finance in school. Even if you did, depending on how old you are, there’s a good chance you learned about things like balancing a checkbook and filling out deposit slips for the bank. Certainly nobody was telling you about PFMs or setting up automatic account transfers for bill pay and savings – even if you got good financial lessons at home.

So is it all that surprising that so many people struggle with financial issues? Or don’t even know the basics. Well, to the rescue.

Below you’ll find the most common personal finance questions people ask. The answers are written as simply as possible so you don’t have to dig through a bunch of jargon to learn. If you have specific questions about things like credit card debt, we have pages devoted to those specifically.

What is a PFM?

Today’s technology has changed the way people manage their money. From pen and paper, to spreadsheets, to out of the box software, a PFM is the latest evolution in financial management. We tell you what a PFM is and explain why you need one if you want to be financially successful.

What do I look for when purchasing a budgeting software?

So you know you need a budget to build a solid financial outlook. And you know that a program is going to make that easier. We tell you what you really need to look for, and give you the five essential factors you need to consider before you choose the platform that’s going to help you manage your outlook.

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