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$29.6 trillion

The “total value” of all the homes in the United States, according to Zillow. How much is that? “The U.S. GDP is an estimated $18.7 trillion, nearly $10 trillion less than the value of all homes in the country.”


How much extra a home in a gated community is worth over the exact same home that’s not protected from the mewling masses, according to the American Real Estate Society. In other words, ARES says a home in a gated community should sell for $30,000 more. Interestingly, if that gated community has a pool, tennis court, gym, and other amenities, the home will sell for $19,500 less. That’s because “additional maintenance costs associated with these amenities often outweigh their benefits.” Or in English: Homeowners don’t want to pay the monthly maintenance fees for a bunch of stuff they don’t use.


The median monthly rent in Manhattan right now, according to StreetEasy. Want to buy a Manhattan home? The median price is $979,791.

36 percent

Americans who named Justin Bieber as “the worst neighbor of 2016,” according to Zillow. The real estate website conducts this poll annually, and it’s the second time Bieber topped it — and the highest percentage ever registered.

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