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VIDEO: A Master’s Degree In Debt

When college graduates walk across the stage in December, don’t be surprised if they’re shuffling toward their diploma like a zombie seeking brains to eat.

That’s because the moment they pick up their degree, they’re also making payments on a scary amount of student loan debt. Only a few days before Halloween, a Harris Poll revealed some terrifying news: Many student loan borrowers have little money left over for other important purposes. For instance…

  • 39 percent have delayed saving for retirement
  • 30 percent have delayed buying a home
  • 18 percent have delayed setting a college fund for their children

Don’t let these spooky stats make you brain dead. You don’t have to live in fear. Watch this short Halloween-inspired video…

…and instead of eating brains, ease your mind. can help. Check out our Student Loan Help Section, or call one of our certified credit counselors at 1-888-472-0365 for a free debt analysis.


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