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What to buy with all the student loan debt in America

Living Large On America’s Student Loan Debt

With that kind of money, you could buy a Mars colony, a submarine, and all the other luxury items on this list — several times over.

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Credit Card Debt Help

Credit Card Debt Help

When monthly credit card payments are more than you can handle, the right debt solution can cut your payments, roll everything into one bill, and lower or eliminate interest. You can be 100% debt-free in just a few years.


Student Loans

Student Loan Debt Help

If the cost of higher education is too much to manage alone, student loan debt consolidation can lower your monthly payments. You can pay off the debt in a way that works for your budget so you don’t have to struggle.


Get a Loan

Get A Loan

Find the right loan for your needs. From traditional bank mortgages to personal P2P loans, we help you find and compare a wide range of lending options so you can borrow on your terms to achieve your financial goals.


Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring

Track changes in your credit score and updates to your credit report so you can avoid problems with identity theft while taking steps to maximize your credit score. Stay up-to-date 24/7 so you’re never caught off guard.


Tax Day tips and facts.

IRS & State Tax Debt Help

When issues with tax debt arise, you can be hit with wage garnishment, liens, and even your bank accounts can be seized until you’ve paid. We connect you with tax professionals to end state and IRS tax debt problems.


Identity Theft

Identity Theft Protection

Protect your personal and credit information against theft and fraud. Receive instant notification of changes in your credit profile that could signal your accounts have been compromised, so you can take action quickly.


Credit Restoration

Credit Restoration

Errors and mistakes on your credit report can drive down your credit score. Correcting these mistakes can increase your credit score so you can qualify for loans and new credit lines at the lowest interest rates possible.



Help Filing for Bankruptcy

From pre-bankruptcy credit counseling to legal help for filing, we can connect you with the best bankruptcy resources in the business, so you can close out this chapter in your life and get a fresh start without your debt.


Collector Harassment

End Collector Harassment

When debt collectors cross the line with overly aggressive, abusive or threatening behavior, you have a right to fight back! The law protects your rights and you can even be awarded compensation when you prove your case.


Money Management

Personal Financial Management (PFM)

See your whole financial picture and take control with an easy-to-use money management platform that puts your entire financial world right at your fingertips. Avoid problems with debt, save money and reach your goals.

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Reduce credit card debt in 3 easy steps

If you have more credit card debt than you'd like and high payments are eating away at your budget, this is how you can make a strategy to eliminate the debt as quickly as possible. Reduce your debt now »

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