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Identity Theft

Don’t let identity theft cost you time and money! Learn how to prevent ID theft and how to recover quickly.

Managing your credit and finances is tough enough already. The last thing you need to deal with is identity theft or credit fraud. Luckily, there are steps you can take to protect your data and prevent theft from occurring.

Of course, even with the best laid plans a data breach or corporate hack can put your personal information at risk. So, if you become a victim, also has resources that can help you minimize the time sink, cost and credit hassle of ID theft. With the right plan, you can report your theft to the right authorities and recover fast.

Identity Theft Resources

  • Top Identity Theft Questions

    Don’t waste time searching the web for the answers you need about identity theft! We’ve gathered the top questions from around the web right here with concise, straight forward answers from our experts so you can move forward fast.

  • Types of Identity Theft

    There’s not just one type of ID theft. Learn about different types of identity theft so you can keep your information protected anywhere and anytime.

  • Online Identity Theft Protection

    Your life online can have a big impact on your finances if your identity gets stolen. Learn how to protect your info when you’re online.

  • Credit Fraud and Your Credit Reports

    If you review your credit reports carefully, it’s pretty easy to spot ID theft. Here’s how to make sure your credit field is clear of interlopers.

  • Signs of Identity Theft

    The earlier you can catch identity theft, the less time, money and hassle you’ll spend trying to stop the charges or close the accounts. offers 16 early warning signs of identity theft that you can use to catch fraud as soon as it happens.

  • Social Security Identity Theft

    Safeguard your identity and protect yourself against Social Security identity theft by learning how your number can get stolen – and what to do if it does.

  • Social Media Identity Theft

    Social media is great for sharing, but not so great for keeping your personal information safe. Learn how to protect your online persona.

  • Identity Theft Statistics

    We offer the latest statistics about identity theft and its impact on consumers so you can know your risk and take action to protect your data.

  • Dealing with Data Breaches

    Data breaches have been all over the news. Mitigate the challenges of being the victim of a data breach and learn how companies protect your personal info.

  • Medical Identity Theft

    What is medical identity theft, and how can it affect you? It’s more common than you think. Find out more about how to protect you identity.

  • Tax Identity Theft

    Learn what tax ID theft is, how to prevent it and what to do if you think you’re a victim. The New Year is time for fresh starts; New Year’s resolutions like eating better, dieting and even being more financially responsible. It’s also the beginning of tax season. So, while you may already be shirking […]

  • Identity Theft Protection

    Finding the best identity theft protection tools for your needs. If you pay any attention to news alerts, then you’re probably painfully aware of all the threats your personal data. You’re probably also on overload from all the offers for ID theft protection. So, what exactly is the best way to protect yourself? And what […]

  • What Do Identity Thieves Look For?

    Identity theft is at an all-time high. So, what do identity thieves look for? Learn the answer to this question, plus how you can avoid becoming a victim.