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Financial literacy refers to your ability to understand key concepts that are necessary if you want to maintain stability and avoid problems that lead to financial distress. Without a basic knowledge and comprehension, you’re starting with a significant handicap when it comes to achieving your goals. Here’s what you need to know to build your knowledge base.

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You’re Not Talking to Your Grown Kid about Money

March 27, 2017 | Dori Zinn

Most families believe having money chats is very important but neither parents nor their adult children are actually talking about finances.

dealing with money shame

This Year, I’m Getting Rid of Money Shame for Good

March 2, 2017 | Make Change

One woman’s personal quest to get right in her head and wallet.

rainy day fund

No More Rainy Day Funds

February 21, 2017 | Joe Pye

Most Americans aren’t financially prepared to handle an emergency expense. Cars and sickness are the worst.

People at funeral consoling each other

Americans Can’t Handle Will, Estate, Inheritance Talks

February 15, 2017 | Dori Zinn

Most families have strong misconceptions about the value of an estate and this hurts us later in life when our loved ones pass away.

money or looks

For Love of Money

February 14, 2017 | Joe Pye

Americans prefer financial stability over looks and fitness in romantic partners.

Can working moms work?

How Can I Teach My Children To Be Entrepreneurs?

January 26, 2017 | John Rampton

If you do, they’ll grow up better human beings, even if they never become an entrepreneur.

Wipe our Debt

Most of Us Fear Debt

January 25, 2017 | Dori Zinn

Two-thirds of young adults have an actual fear of debt, even though they plan their spending on a constant basis.

latin business man worried paying bills on couch

If You’re Stressed About Money and You Know It Raise Your Hand

January 11, 2017 | Dori Zinn

Money has a huge impact on our overall well-being in life. To reduce stress and be happier, we need money or a better attitude when it comes to money.

5 ways millionaires are like us

10 Dumbest Things Millionaires Have Ever Wasted Their Money On

January 11, 2017 | John Rampton

No matter what our wealth level, we seem to waste money. It must be some part of human nature because it doesn’t matter how little or how much we have – there are some that see money as burning a hole in their pocket and they must spend it. Still others have proven it’s possible […]

Money saving resolutions

Most of Us Suck When It Comes to Money

December 13, 2016 | Dori Zinn

No state in the union has an A in financial literacy

Money saving resolutions

Most Americans Don’t Have a Financial Plan

December 6, 2016 | Dori Zinn

Most middle-income Americans don’t have a financial plan, while nearly half of those making more than $100,000 a year have do have one.

who do we waste money with prescriptions apathy?

Dvorkin On Debt: What Happens When We Know Better?

December 5, 2016 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

Three new polls prove we know what to do about money, but we just refuse to do it.

latin business man worried paying bills on couch

Is Tying The Knot Easier Than Uniting Finances?

November 24, 2016 |

For those who answer yes, there’s good advice and even outside help.

Ryan Lochte Swimming

Dvorkin On Debt: What You Can Learn From Ryan Lochte’s First Credit Card

November 14, 2016 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

The swimmer, dancer, and spokesman just got a credit card. Here’s why that matters.

How to celebrate your mom on Mother's Day.

Women Advising Women

November 7, 2016 | Lucy Lazarony

Will female clients increase demand for female financial planners?

teenager girl homework studying silhouette

Ask The Expert: When Does A Small Business Become A Big Problem?

October 19, 2016 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

A mother has the money to lend her daughter for a jewelry business, but she’s not sure it’s a good idea.


More Parents Want to Talk About Money Instead of Sex

October 17, 2016 | Dori Zinn

There’s a generational divide when it comes to kids knowing how much their parents earned

Check your credit to see where you stand

Never Read Your Credit Card Contract? It Might Cost You

October 4, 2016 | Money Talks News

Only 26 percent of cardholders regularly read them. Find out why that’s a mistake.

how to teach your kids about money

Dvorkin On Debt: A Clever Way To Teach Kids About Money

September 19, 2016 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

Focus on the parents first, then persuade them to teach their children.

Get a helping hand with debt problems

How to Choose the Perfect Financial Adviser

September 13, 2016 | Money Talks News

There are at least 250,000 financial advisers in the United States, and not all are created equal.

Woman with credit card distraught

Moving Past Financial Mistakes

September 1, 2016 | Dollar Stretcher

Don’t let old mistakes ruin your future. Try these five tips.

Want to make your donation to charity count? Do your homework.

Do You Know Where Your Donations Go?

August 31, 2016 | Dori Zinn

These Transparency Dodgers are the 10 largest charities that didn’t disclose operation information, including fundraising performance.

children's finances

Ask The Expert: How Can I Save My Kids?

August 17, 2016 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

Debt isn’t bad for new businesses, but too many entrepreneurs use it wrong.

student loans credit card

Off to College Next Year? Now You Can Apply for Aid Sooner

August 3, 2016 | Dori Zinn

You can now apply for financial aid a year in advance

Students Are Missing Out on Thousands of Dollars

July 28, 2016 | Treanna Lawrence

Many households don’t think they qualify for need-based financial aid – they’re wrong.

how to teach your kids about money

Parents Don’t Know Enough About Personal Finance to Teach Their Kids

July 27, 2016 | Dori Zinn

They can teach saving and budgeting — barely — but not much else

Dvorkin On Debt: Pokemon Go Should Be Pokemon Dough

July 18, 2016 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

The latest craze in mobile gaming can teach as much as it entertains.

latin business man worried paying bills on couch

Ask The Expert: Which Bill Do I Pay First?

June 22, 2016 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

A reader has only enough to pay the mortgage, car lease, or credit card. But not all three.

financial lessons from prince

Dvorkin On Debt: A Prince-ly Sum

May 30, 2016 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

3 financial lessons we can learn from the artist known as Prince

don't repay our student loans

College Grads Making More Sacrifices for Student Loans

May 16, 2016 | Treanna Lawrence

Many Americans are figuring out the hardest lesson from college comes after you graduate

financial terms

Financial Literacy: Suddenly Not Controversial

April 25, 2016 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

For years, “experts” argued against teaching fin lit in high school. Now the public has spoken.

how to teach your kids about money

Ask The Expert: How Much Do I Owe My Children? [VIDEO]

February 17, 2016 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

A reader doesn’t want to deny her daughter anything, but her husband does.

lottery myths

Ask The Expert: What’s So Bad About Playing Powerball?

January 13, 2016 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

A reader wants to know how to shut up her boyfriend about her lottery habit. Howard sees a bigger problem.

worst financial mistakes

25 Worst Financial Mistakes Anyone Can Make

November 19, 2015 |

The good news: You can easily avoid all of them without breaking a sweat.

10 stupid money mistakes

Ask The Expert: Do We Really Need A Financial Adviser?

October 14, 2015 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

A reader thinks her husband is crazy to pay for someone to advise them when they have no money.

Money in Hand

Dvorkin On Debt: Cash Is Still King

September 21, 2015 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

Long live the king!

children's finances

Dvorkin On Debt: How To Teach Kids About Money

September 14, 2015 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

Giving an allowance is just the beginning.

Who's smarter about money? Women

Women Aren’t Talking About Money – Here’s Why

September 10, 2015 |

Hint: They value privacy and lack confidence.

How do you teach kids about money?

Dvorkin On Debt: Do You Bribe Your Kids?

August 10, 2015 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

If so, there’s a right way and a wrong way. The right way is called “allowance.” The wrong way is called “cookies.”

foreign transaction fee

Good News! Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fees Are Going Away!

May 19, 2015 | Jason Steele

This ridiculous fee cost you big, even though it didn’t cost your credit card company anything.

rich worried about retirement

Even The Rich Are Worried About Their Retirement Savings

May 18, 2015 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

Their woes might be good for the rest of the country.

5 ways millionaires are like us

Millionaires: 5 Ways They’re Just Like Us!

May 7, 2015 | Jess Miller

Millionaires are expected to have it all, but here’s why they fear losing it — and what you can learn from them.

how to avoid financial stress

One-Quarter Of Americans Report Being Financially Stressed All The Time

April 23, 2015 | Jess Miller

Women and younger people freak out about finances more, but they don’t have to. Here’s why.

college loan mistakes

Financial Illiteracy Month Part IV: 5 Mistakes Students Make with College Loans

April 22, 2015 | Brian Bienkowski

If you make these mistakes in college, you could be paying for them long after graduation.

financial terms

How Many Of These Financial Terms Do You Know?

April 16, 2015 | Jess Miller

April is Financial Literacy Month. But if you’re like most Americans, you may not know what all that stuff means. We break down some key terms for you.


Financial Illiteracy Month Part III: 5 Ways to Get Your Identity Stolen

April 15, 2015 | Brian Bienkowski

Don’t make an identity thief’s job easy. Avoid these costly mistakes.

lottery myths

More People Would Rather Win The Lottery Than Find True Love

April 14, 2015 | Jess Miller

Surprised? Here are 5 myths about winning the lottery that you didn’t know.

vacation of the future

Are You “Leaving Millions on the Table”?

April 13, 2015 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

It’s not a trick. Your boss will pay you to live healthy.

children's finances

Getting Personal With Your Children’s Finances

April 6, 2015 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

You need to have “the talk” with your kids — about money.

vacation of the future

Financial Literacy Month Is A Lot Like Dental Hygiene Month

March 30, 2015 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

What do saving your money and saving your teeth have in common?