Online price matching and deals

How To Rack Up Savings With Online Price Matching

October 24, 2017 | Deb Hipp

If you’re not comparing retail prices online when you shop, you’re missing out on savings.

Here's how to save for retirement

15 Golden Rules for Saving on Every Purchase

April 14, 2017 | Money Talks News

We’ve got a big list of ways to save on everything — and we do mean everything.

gas credit cards

Are Gas Rewards and Credit Card Perks Still in Demand?

January 23, 2017 | Dori Zinn

Gas rewards are the number one loyalty program preferred by consumers, more than credit card rewards, coupons, and even instant discounts at the cash register.

shopping holidays

You Probably Pay Too Much for These 10 Things

August 23, 2016 | Money Talks News

Did you get a great bargain last week? If it fell into one of these 10 categories, you may have been hoodwinked.

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Ask The Expert: Do Coupons Save Money Or Cost Money?

May 4, 2016 | Howard Dvorkin, CPA

A reader wants to know if her couponing is really a good idea.

By the numbers: playing the percentages

56 Coupons to Slash Your Household Expenses This Week

February 2, 2016 | Money Talks News

Procter & Gamble has released 56 printable coupons good for up to $3 off a purchase.

Craziest coupons

The 18 Craziest Coupons You Never Knew Existed

February 3, 2015 | Jess Miller

Sex therapy and breast implants are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes weird ways you can save.

Get things free after coupons

How I Legally Rob Drugstores

December 11, 2014 | Sean Bryant

Everyone knows about couponing in grocery stores. But it works even better in drugstores.

Sneaking snacks is one way to save at the movies.

5 ways to save at the movies

April 9, 2014 | Dylan Bouscher

Most of us are sneaking in food to save money at the theater, but here are a few other tips.