Ryan Lochte: 12 Time Olympic Medalist

Since Debt.com asked Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte to help us get the message out about how Debt.com can give Americans a second chance with their finances, the response has been intense.

Debt.com and Lochte knew the media would have fun with our partnership — so why did we go through with it? Because we’re committed to do whatever it takes to help Americans to get out of debt.

Here’s what some of that coverage looks like…

“It’s no Speedo, but it’s a start.” — TMZ, “Everyone Deserves a $econd Chance… Financially”
“Debt is the only thing he’s swimming in.” — Seth Meyers, Late Night with Seth Meyers
“I think it’s fantastic to give the guy an opportunity to do good from a bad situation. He’s also the perfect person to deliver the line, ‘Are you pissed off by your creditors or collectors?'” — Steve Rhode, Get Out of Debt Guy, “Debt.com Signs Famous Second Chance Olympic Medalist as Spokesperson”
“When you look at Debt.com’s company slogan — ‘When life happens…’ — uh, yeah, this new endorsement totally makes sense! We can’t wait to see how these commercials turn out!!” — Perez Hilton, “Ryan Lochte Just Scored Another Endorsement Deal — With A Very Appropriate Slogan…”
“How appropriate!” — 100.3 Jack FM, “Ryan Lochte’s New Endorsement Deal Has A Very Appropriate Slogan”
“Ryan Lochte is slowly becoming the poster boy for second chances. Not hard to see why Debt.com picked [him].” — Power 95.3, “Ryan Lochte Getting Second Chance”
“We’re not sure how passionately connected he is to cough drops, but Debt.com, at least, seems to be promoting a message that Lochte can relate to: Life happens.” — Metro.us, “Ryan Lochte gains new endorsement with debt company”
Ryan Lochte - Star - Oct 10


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Article last modified on April 23, 2019. Published by Debt.com, LLC .