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So what do they do?

They shop online for unique presents that come right to their door – and for a bargain-basement price. Here’s what some of our employees are giving this year…

For details on those items and more of our favorites, read on…

Gift-wrapped rap

Book: I Understand Rap...
For your friend or loved one who never grasp the lyrics, Bertrump E. recommends a book called, Understand Rap: Explanations of Confusing Rap Lyrics the You & Your Grandma Can Understand. Chapters include “Money, “Drugs and Alcohol,” “Insults,” and “Crime and Weapons.” So if you don’t know what “Got so much chips, ii swear they call me Hewlett-Packard” means, you can find out for under $12.

Eat some unicorn farts

Bag of Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy
Who doesn’t love unicorns? But here’s the real question: How much do you love them? Enough to ingest their farts? David R. suggests a Bag of Unicorn Farts  as a gag gift that cost less than $10. (It’s really just creatively branded cotton candy.)

Beards and butts in a mug

Beards and Butts Coffee Mugs
What about a gift for that adorable couple you know? Michelle B. suggests: How about matching coffee mugs? How about one mug that says, “I like his beard” and another that says, “I like her butt.” Unfortunately, they don’t offer the option of, “I like his butt.”

Paddle on air

Explorer K2 Kayak

Paddling down a river or creek or even in an ocean is lots of fun. Know what isn’t? hauling a heavy and unwieldy canoe or kayak from your car to the water and back. So don’t. Guillermo W. loves his Intex Explorer K2 Kayak. It’s inflatable, seats two people, nd comes with lightweight paddles and a high-output air pump.

Superhero night lights

Superhero Night Light
Can nightlights be cool? If you have kids who are afraid of the dark, they’ll love this 3D Optical Illusion Night Light. It can rotate among seven colors and Chris B. says it’s so awesome-looking, you just might steal it from your children. When we asked Chris if that’s what he did, he replied, “no comment.”

Zen at work

Miniature Zen Garden
For your loved one who’s a bit stressed, Tiffany R. recommends this Desk Zen Garden. It’s a miniature version of a Zen garden to place on your desk when you need to regroup after a particularly unnecessary meeting that could have been an email. Ommm…

Lick your cat

Clever Cat Brush
Cats love licking and being licked. Humans? Not so much. So Josh H. , our resident cat lover, suggests a Lick Your Cat Tongue Brush. It lets you experience licking your cat without actually licking your cat.

A planner and a pal

No Bad Days Planner
For someone who really needs to get it together Jian A. recommends you get them the no bad days design 12-month planner. This isn’t your average planner, Jian says. It’s also an art gallery, a cheerleader, a top secret document, personal assistant and even a best friend. Check it out.

Call an audible

Audible - An Amazon Company
Know a bookworm who doesn’t always have time to read? Bita S. recommends giving a three-month membership to Amazon Audible. There are so many good books to choose from, you’ll actually look forward to work commutes and long road trips.

In a galaxy not very far away

millenium falcon drone

If you know someone who loves drones and Star Wars, you can’t do better than the Millennium Falcon Drone. Chris P. calls it the ultimate gift. It comes with a cockpit that lights up and has Hans Solo and Chewie inside. All that’s missing is light speed.

Onesies for adults

For that friend who acts like a 5-year-old get them this very merry adult onesie.  According to Bertrump E., this one is great for company holiday parties!

A Party in Your Toilet

When life is a party get him a 16-color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Bowl Light. Josh H. says even your most private moments should be as spectacular as this gift.

Toys for the Aspiring Engineer

Does your child love to build things? Michelle B. recommends this Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Super Station Playset that has multiple configurations of layouts. You just might be able to throw out that noisy toy you bought your kid by accident last year without him/her knowing after you pick up this one! 

For Your Little Entrepreneur

Kids love food trucks and what better way to teach your child about money management and even business than with this Melissa & Doug Food Truck Indoor Playhouse recommended by Tiffany R. 

Air Fried Chicken Wings and Onion Rings for Days

Air fryers are hot right now (no pun intended). Chris B. and David R. recommend this GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer with 8 Cook Presets. Air fryers are great because you use less oil which is good for your health and your wallet. 

Fast Food Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Kamran H. says to stop wasting your money on fast food. Get your family a gift they can all use – a Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker.

A Spot of Tea With A Cat

Bita S. suggests this super cute 14oz Glass Tea Cup with a Lid & Strainer/Brewer, Portable Cute Cat Tail Heat Resistant Mugs. This teacup makes an excellent Secret Santa gift because it’s super affordable. It’s also available in many different colors. 

How to Stay Alive in The Woods


When living in a weird world it’s always good to be prepared. William W. recommends that you get someone you love prepared for whatever 2018 brings them with How to Stay Alive in the Woods: A Complete Guide to Food, Shelter, and Self-Preservation Anywhere.


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