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Debt.com will give you $500 simply for applying for other scholarships

Debt.com’s mission is to encourage Americans to fight their way to financial independence — from college freshmen to senior citizens and everyone in between.

Sadly, many college students don’t apply for all the scholarships available to them. Why? “One of the most common and distressing excuses I hear is, ‘Why bother? I don’t have a 4.0,’” a college financial aid director told Debt.com.

Another surmises that today’s college students fear rejection so much, they simply don’t ask for free money. “You’ll be rejected many times in life, but we’re often rewarded for being persistent and showing courage,” she says. “Apply and apply again!”

We want to reward your persistence and courage. Here’s how…

1. Apply for as many scholarships as you can. You can find hundreds through websites like Career One Stop, Scholarships.com, and Studentscholarships.org.

2. Send us all the confirmation emails you received. You DON’T have to win these scholarships. You simply need to prove you applied. You can forward us the actual emails, or paste them into one email, or make a PDF of them. We don’t care how you get them to us, we just want to see the product of your previous hard work.

3. Write a short letter telling us about yourself. Why do you need our $500 cash? What are your plans in life? How did you feel applying for all those other scholarships? Did you learn anything from that? Did you win any? We have no more specific rules because we want you to decide what to say. You don’t need a sob story, just a human one.

That’s it. Simply email your letter to scholarships@debt.com, along with copies of your confirmation emails from other scholarships.

One entry will be selected each cycle based on the number of those applications and the quality of the essay. Debt.com is purposefully vague with these rules to give students who seek the most scholarships the best chance of winning, but if you have questions, ask away.

debt.com scholarship winners

New winners every two months

Deadline to apply: June 1
Winner announced: by July 3
Round after that starts: August 1

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Article last modified on April 19, 2017. Published by Debt.com, LLC .