Student Loan Basics You Can’t Afford to Miss

Start with the basics to take control of student debt.

Explore basic information about student loans in the U.S.

Finding the right way to deal with your student loan debt is easier when you know some basics about how your student loans work. Understanding the types of student loans you can hold and how interest gets applied to your debt once you end your full-time enrollment in school can be key to determining the best solution for your needs.

It also helps to know where you stand in comparison to everyone else. So in addition to resources that help you understand your student loans, we also have a page dedicated to showing you the most up-to-date statistics on student loans in the U.S.
Use the resources below to build your knowledge, then fill out the form or call us to get started if you need help.

Understanding Student Loan Interest Rates

Understand how student loan interest rates work
You might think interest rates work the same for every type of debt, but student loan interest rates actually work a little differently. Learn how interest is assessed and applied to student loan debt and what you can do if you feel the interest rates on your student loans are too high.

Federal vs. Private Student Loans

Comparing private and federal student loans
So you know you have student loan debt, but what type of student loans do you really have? The answer can make all the difference in which options you can use when you need help. We explain the difference between private and federal student loans so you can understand where you need to seek help.

Student Loan Debt Statistics

student loan debt statistics
Student loan debt problems have become an epidemic in the U.S. We’ve pulled together debt statistics from around the web to help you really understand where America stands with student loan debt. Find helpful stats and compare to your own situation to see how your own debt sizes up.