Money Management Facts & Stats

Get the facts that help you build a better outlook.

Financial success starts with basic money management. If you can’t build a budget that works for you and understand personal finance at a basic level, then how can you craft strategies for avoiding debt problems and reaching your financial goals?

With that in mind, you need to set your financial foundation so you have the stability you need to build your financial profile and achieve your goals. The resources in this section are designed to do just that. We also gathered up a comprehensive spread of financial statistics from around the web. These stats can help you compare your situation to other consumers to see where you stand in today’s market.

The information below can help you get the insight you need so you can make the financial plans you need. And if you’re having trouble managing your money because of debt problems, we can help. Call us at to connect with the right debt professional or complete the form to the right to ask for help online.

Top Money Management Resources

There are so many financial tools online that it can be hard to know which tools you need to use and where to turn when you have questions. We break up the best of the financial web so you can find the right resources to fit your needs. We’ll also explain the five essential things you need to look for when you’re picking your budget platform.

Personal Finance Statistics

Keeping up with the Joneses can definitely lead to financial trouble, but knowing where the Joneses stand and how you stack up to other consumers in the U.S. can help you assess your own situation. Are you having trouble because you’re doing something wrong or is everyone struggling because the economy is bad? We help you decide here.