Identity Theft Facts and Stats

Everything you need to know to understand and prevent ID theft.

No one wants to deal with identity theft, and yet millions of Americans each year are faced with challenges caused by compromised personal information and data. In some cases, these theft cases are caused by fraudsters finding newer and better ways to get their hands on people’s data, but for the most part many cases of theft could be avoided each year simply by taking the appropriate action to prevent theft in the first place.

The information below is designed to help you understand how identity theft impacts consumers throughout the U.S. and how you can protect yourself against potential threats to ensure your data is secure. If you have questions or you need help addressing challenges you already face with identity theft, call us or complete an online application to request help now.

Think you’re suffering alone with identity theft? Think again. We have some helpful statistics to show you exactly how identity theft affects American consumers each year and how to assess your risk for theft personally. You’ll also find statistics for the financial impact of the average theft case so you can plan accordingly.

Your first and best line of defense against credit fraud caused by identity theft is your credit report. Reviewing your credit report for free once each year allows you to spot fraudulent actions taken in your name that you may not otherwise know about. Here’s how to use your reports to stay ahead of ID theft.

Learn everything you need to know about the laws that protect you and allow you to fight back against identity theft if it happens to you. From Federal regulations to state laws that can affect how you report and recover from ID theft, we cover everything you need to know to get ahead of identity theft.