When You Need Credit Repair

Learn which times in life call for credit correction so you can avoid debt problems and save money.

When you need bankruptcy to save money

Credit correction (also known as credit repair) isn’t something you do just once in your financial life. In fact, it’s a good idea to review your credit reports regularly to make sure your profile is clean and error-free. That way, you can maintain the highest credit score possible.

That being said, there are also key times in your financial life when it’s a good idea to review your credit carefully to make sure you’re on the right path when it comes to credit. Whether it’s ensuring past mistakes don’t come back to haunt you or making sure you have the best credit possible before you make a major purchase, there are some times where credit correction is key to your success.

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5 tips for post-bankruptcy credit repair

Your credit path after bankruptcy
Financial distress that ends in bankruptcy often wreaks havoc on your credit. Late payments, collections, charge-offs – these negative items have a way of dragging down your credit score. Here’s how to correct your credit after bankruptcy so errors don’t make it harder to bounce back.

Repairing your credit for lower interest rates

Use credit repair to save money
Your credit has a direct correlation to the interest rates you can qualify for on new loans and credit cards. You can’t qualify for low advertised rates with rock-bottom bad credit. So having an error-free credit report can be a big boost in getting the interest rates and terms you really want.

Credit repair ahead of mortgage approval

Pre-Mortgage Credit Repair
Even a small difference in the mortgage interest rate can lead to big differences in the amount of money you’ll pay over the life of a loan. Repairing your credit before you apply for a mortgage can save tens of thousands on added interest, so you want clean credit before you buy.

4 credit repair steps for auto loan approval

Repair your credit to get a car loan
Although it’s not as big of a loan as the one on your home, your car note is also another significant investment that needs the lowest interest rate possible. Taking these four steps to repair your credit before you buy a new car can help ensure low interest rates and a good terms on the loan.