Everything You Need to Know About Your Credit Profile.

While loan agreements and credit statements are key, no document has more impact than your credit report.

Everything you need to know about your credit profile

Your credit report is a complete picture of your history and life as a credit user. Every loan you take out, every credit card payment you make, it all ends up in your credit report. And since creditors and lenders use your profile to assess your risk when you apply for credit, it’s critical to make sure your report gives the best possible impression as a credit user.

The information below can help you understand what’s contained in your credit report and how that information impacts your financial life. If you want to learn more or need assistance with credit correction, call us at 1‐888-462-1855 or complete the form to the right to request help online.

Decoding Your Credit Report

Decoding your credit report
Start with the basics! We help you understand the five key areas outlined in your credit report, as well as what kind of information gets included and how creditors use this information to assess your risk as a borrower. Understand the basics to build a solid foundation for good credit.

Using FREE Credit Reports to Your Advantage

Rocket forward with free yearly credit reports
The law says you’re allowed access to one free copy of your credit report every twelve months. We explain how to use this opportunity strategically to review your credit profile every year so you can make adjustments as needed. This is how you use “free” to free yourself up from bad credit.

How to Recover from Harsh Credit Penalties

Steps to take for better credit
Negative remarks on your credit report can stick around and cause damage to your credit score even years after the penalty was originally incurred. We explain how long penalties stay on your report and what steps you can take to offset negative information to potentially increase your score.

6 Tips for Making Effective Credit Disputes

Credit dispute tips
Disputing mistakes and errors you find in your credit report can help you remove negative information that may be dragging down your credit score. But you have to make your disputes the right way to ensure that negative information gets removed. Here’s what you need to know.