Stop identity theft in is tracks with’s comprehensive identity theft protection!

Identity theft is a growing challenge worldwide. Did you know that someone becomes the victim of identity theft every two seconds in the U.S. It’s no wonder that identity thieves stole $16 billion targeting 15.4 million in 2016 alone.

As technology continues to evolve, identity thieves are finding new ways of accessing your sensitive personal information and financial data every day. It’s becoming increasingly critical to have 24/7 credit monitoring in place to provide round-the-clock identity theft protection.

What is the best identity theft protection?

There are a whole range of ID theft protection services that you can find online. In general, they vary by price and the level of protection they provide. At, we made sure that our tool includes everything you need to protect your credit from identity theft.

  • 3-bureau credit monitoring to alert you to changes in all your credit reports
  • VantageScore® credit score tracking
  • Phishblock® anti-phishing software
  • DataScrambler® anti-keylogging software
  • Suspicious activity alerts that flag high risk transactions, changes to your credit profile, compromised login credentials and black market activity
  • 24/7 ID theft resolution specialists that can help you place fraud alerts on your report, file police reports and identity theft affidavits, and make ID theft disputes

The ID theft dashboard helps you track daily credit activity, on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Plans start at less than $20 per month, with discounts when you sign up for one year of service.

Is identity theft protection worth it?

ID theft protection is the only way to protect against the full range of threats that you face today:

  • Phishing scams
  • Corporate and retail data breaches
  • Bank account and credit account fraud
  • Attempts to compromise your personal information
  • Malware, desktop cloning and keylogging
  • ATM and point-of-sale skimming

While there are a number of ways to protect yourself from identity theft, most only cover one account. For instance, your financial institution may offer free fraud protection services on your bank account. Credit card issuers also generally offer free fraud protection. But that only stops suspicious activity on that one account.

Still, this leaves you vulnerable to other attacks that target your Social Security number, credit files with the credit bureaus and even public records maintain by government agencies and private companies.

Identity theft protection monitors all your accounts and blocks all attempts to access your personal information. By monitoring your credit file through all three U.S. credit bureaus, you even get the benefit of Social Security number monitoring services, which are crucial to prevent one of the worst types of ID theft.

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