Don’t leave your credit to guesswork. Know where you stand!

Credit monitoring services take guessing out of the equation when it comes to your credit score. You can stay up-to-date on key changes in your credit file and track changes in your credit score. This gives you the ammunition you need to apply for financing and negotiate interest rates with confidence!

What is the best credit monitoring service?

The best credit monitoring service is the one that give you the most visibility for the lowest cost. Monitoring your credit report through a credit bureau only allows you to track changes on that bureau’s report. Since each bureau maintains their own version of your report and they don’t share information, this won’t show you everything.

Instead, you need 3-bureau monitoring that tracks changes on ALL your credit reports. You also need to track changes in your credit score. But again, every consumer has different scores, depending on who calculates it.

VantageScore® is the credit score calculation that the credit bureaus created together. It closely follows FICO scoring, which is used in 90% of financing decisions. Since FICO doesn’t let any third-party service track FICO scores, VantageScore plus 3-bureau report monitoring is the best, most cost-effective option available. Otherwise, you must pay for FICO score tracking and 3-bureau monitoring separately, which isn’t good for your budget.

How to monitor all 3 credit reports and score’s credit monitoring tool is designed to do the work for you.

  1. Sign up for the service with a free 30-day trial
  2. Tell the tool how you want to receive alerts
  3. Use alerts to monitor changes in your credit report, such as negative information that could impact your credit score
  4. Take actions that you know will improve your score, such as decreasing credit utilization, then track score improvement over time

Taking these steps will help you maximize your score as quickly as possible. You can also ensure your three credit reports are error-free, by catching potential mistakes that create erroneous negative items. This helps you decide if you need to go through the credit repair process. In addition, you can use a credit monitoring tool for identity theft protection as well. One tool essentially gives you three things you need to maintain the best credit score possible.

Check your credit often without affecting your score!

People often believe that if you check your credit often, you decrease your score. But credit monitoring lets you keep an eye on your credit without dropping your score. You can check back daily and know exactly what your credit history will say anytime you apply for a loan or new line of credit.

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