Credit Card Facts and Stats

See where you stand and master your unsecured debt.

Essential Credit Card Facts and Stats

The mantra you see repeated throughout this website is that every financial situation is different, so every debt solution needs to be tailored to your specific circumstances. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some basic points about credit card debt that apply to everyone.

The more you understand how credit cards work and how to manage the debt effectively, the better off you’ll be at managing your financial outlook… successfully.

In addition, it can help to look at some basic statistics to see where you stand. Are you ahead of the pack when it comes to managing your credit card debt or are you getting left behind? We’ll show you how you stack up against other consumers to help you see if it’s the market or your money management style that’s causing your issues.

And remember, if you’re having trouble understand something or you need help managing the debt you already have, we can help you connect to the right professionals for your needs. Call 1-888-503-5563 or fill out the form to the right to ask for help now.

All about credit card APR

Cut lose from high interest rate debt
Your ability to understand APR and manage added interest charges can make or break your ability to manage debt. If you know how interest is calculated and how it gets applied to debt, then you can craft the right strategies to keep debt under control so you can maintain financial stability.

Credit Card Interest Rate Negotiation

Negotiate with creditors for a low interest rate
The interest rates on your credit cards aren’t set in stone. With the right technique, a solid credit score, and an account in good standing, you can negotiate with the creditor to lower the interest rate on your account to make it easier to manage your debt and avoid overpaying.

Balancing Credit Card Rewards with Low APR

Balancing credit card rewards against added interest
Rewards offer added incentive to using your credit cards, but if you’re not managing the debt effectively, then any rewards you earn are almost immediately offset by interest added. Learn how to be strategic about your credit card rewards to maximize the return by minimizing added interest.

The ABCs of Credit Card Balance Transfers

A balanced financial life with balance transfers
A credit card balance transfer is one of the most basic forms of debt consolidation. You don’t need an outside service provider or even another loan – you just strategically rearrange your debt so you can manage it in the most effective way possible. Are balance transfers the best choice for you?

Useful Credit Card Debt Statistics

Credit Card Debt Statistics
Think you’re alone in the challenges you face with credit card debt? Think again. We’ve gathered top credit card debt statistics from around the web so you can see how other consumers are faring and compare it to your own situation. Is it really just you OR is it actually the economy?