Filing For Bankruptcy

From your filing day to discharge, here’s how you get through the process without a lot of hassle.

Getting through the maze of bankruptcy
Bankruptcy is easier when you know what to expect. It’s a good way to remove some of the fear so you can find confidence that you’re making the right decision. You can also make the right choices at each stage of the process so you can protect your assets and interests as much as possible. That way, you put yourself in the best position possible to move forward.

And keep in mind that even if you think you know the process, recent changes in bankruptcy law have changed the process significantly. You have to go through counseling and will face an impartial means test to assess your ability to qualify for the type of bankruptcy you want to file.

This section of our website is designed to help you set realistic expectations when you file for bankruptcy. If you need to get started or simply want more information, call us at 1-888-457-1633 to take that first critical step.

Setting Your Filing Expectations

Choosing the right path when you file for bankruptcy
Don’t go into bankruptcy blind! We help you set the right expectations about filing for bankruptcy so you can know what to expect from the process. We also offer tips to help you understand key points, like what will and won’t happen once you’ve filed formally with the courts.

The Meaning of the “Means Test”

means test
Since 2005, filing for bankruptcy has included a “means test” that helps the courts assess your eligibility to file for bankruptcy. Your income is compared to your state’s median income to see if you qualify for the filing you want to make. We also explain what happens if you “fail.”

Bankruptcy & Your Credit Score

One of the biggest concerns most people have when they file, is what will happen to their credit score after the bankruptcy is complete. We explain what you can expect out of your credit score so you can prepare for what’s to come and make a plan to move forward towards recovery.