Bankruptcy may not be your first choice in debt solutions, but in some cases it may be the best option for making an exit on your current financial situation so you can start a new chapter in your financial life. It can give you a path to discharge most of the debts that are holding you back so you can move forward with better momentum.

The below links can help you explore bankruptcy solutions. Whether you need to file for personal bankruptcy or commercial bankruptcy for your business, we have the solutions you need to get ahead. We can also connect you with bankruptcy counseling services – a federally mandated requirement for all personal filings. If you have questions or would like to get started, call us or complete the form to connect with a bankruptcy specialist today.

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Chapter 7

Also known as “liquidation” bankruptcy, Chapter 7 allows you to make a faster exit in as little as a few months. Most of your assets are liquidated to settle part of your debts in exchange for full discharge. There are also “no asset” Chapter 7 filings if your assets are limited.

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Chapter 13

Also known as “wage earner” bankruptcy, Chapter 13 requires you to have regular income in order to repay a portion of the debts you owe through a court-ordered repayment plan. Once you complete the plan, your remaining balances are discharged.

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Chapter 11

This type is also known as “reorganization” bankruptcy, because it entails a reorganization of a business’ debts and assets in a court-ordered restructuring plan. Your business can still operate during the few months up to two years that it takes to complete a Chapter 11 filing.

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Bankruptcy Counseling

If you need to enroll in bankruptcy counseling in order to fulfill the requirement for filing, we can connect you with approved counseling providers who can also provide resources to help you file and to recover quickly once your filing is complete.

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