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Paying a lot for college doesn’t mean getting a high-paying job — but where you live could tell you if school’s worth borrowing money to pay for it.

Americans collectively owe $1.52 trillion in student loans — considered by some a national crisis. So, we looked at states with the highest student loan debts and what people get in terms of extra earnings by getting a degree there.

The results don’t look good for the 10 states with the highest student loan debt. In fact, out of the top five debt states, two have a negative return on investment and the next best one’s ROI is less than two percent!

Our sources include federal and state data-based studies from consumer spending research company ValuePenguin, and research from Student Loan Hero, which calculated ROI of a college degree in every single state by calculating how much more graduates earned than non-graduates.

Let’s take a look.

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