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Justice Tax Joins Expert Advisory Panel to Help Thousands of Americans with Tax Questions and Issues



The panel serves as a reliable source for consumers to learn more about finances, have their questions answered and gain knowledge directly from the minds of experts.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., – Justice Tax has joined forces with and is honored to be part of the Ask the Expert advisory panel, reaching taxpayers with crucial information.

By joining forces with, Justice Tax will be able to reach even more taxpayers nationwide with information that will be invaluable to their lives.

“’s job is in its name – we help Americans get out of debt,” says President Don Silvestri. “According to the IRS, those same Americans owe nearly $145 billion in back taxes. We wanted to work with an organization that’s as dedicated to helping people as we are – and we knew we couldn’t have a better partner than Justice Tax. Together, we’re going to make a big difference for a lot of people.”

Justice Tax’s mission is to assist taxpayers with the burden of their IRS debt and finding custom solutions to their tax problems – a mission that goes hand in hand with’s resources.

“Knowledge, trust, and justice are some of the most integral values at Justice Tax. We believe that every taxpayer deserves justice, and we make it our mission to fight for them,” says Joe Valinho, Founder and President of Justice Tax. “Our team of Attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents are armed with endless knowledge that we believe will be of much help to’s consumers.”

About is a resource that offers consumers education, self-help guides, professional solutions, and more. On, consumers can find daily expert advice about money – how to make it, how to save it, and how to spend it. They also assist consumers by matching them with the perfect debt-solution company for their situation, and making sure they are happy with the results. has been featured in the Washington Post, Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, and more, making them a pillar of the debt relief industry.

About Justice Tax

Incorporated in 2000, Justice Tax, LLC and its predecessors continue our mission to help consumers achieve financial freedom from tax issues. For the past two decades, the founders of Justice Tax, LLC assisted consumers with financial struggles. We have facilitated over $2.2 billion of financial obligations for over 20,000 individuals. There is nothing more important to us than our relationship with our clients. Each interaction we share with our clients is held with the care we would expect ourselves. We strive for complete satisfaction every time – Justice, Truth, and Liberty for all. Don’t fight alone – call today at 888-545-6007.

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