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Fewer Americans Making – and Keeping – New Year’s Resolutions About Money



Fort Lauderdale, FL January 29, 2019 – Nearly two-thirds of Americans made a New Year’s resolution about being more fiscally responsible in 2019 – but that may not actually be good news. polled more than 2,100 Americans and learned that 65 percent made “financial resolutions for this year,” which is a significant difference from the 77 percent from the year prior.

While the change was a hefty negative 12 percent, the substance of those financial resolutions has remained steady. Both last year and this year, two-thirds want to “save more money,” while exactly 12 percent want to “pay off student loans.”

Only one category saw a big drop. In 2018, “pay off credit card debt” was the goal of 70 percent of respondents. In 2019 it was 58 percent. That statistic perplexed chairman Howard Dvorkin, CPA.

Credit card debt is still growing in this country, and it’s one of the costliest forms of debt – with high-interest rates and huge fees,” Dvorkin says. “I understand many folks don’t feel like New Year’s resolutions really work, but for those who make them, eliminating credit card debt seems like it should be goal number one.”

Most Americans seem to be in the same financial situation as last year. For instance: in 2018, 48 percent wanted to “spend less to keep a balanced budget.” This year? It’s 46 percent.

When asked how many Americans kept their financial resolutions in 2018, only 40 percent had. There are many reasons why people either don’t make or don’t keep their resolution, but one really disturbs Dvorkin: 23 percent agreed with the statement “My finances are so bad that I can’t figure out where to start.”

Resolutions are really just financial goals and there are many options to help people reach those goals. “There are proven solutions like credit counseling, debt management programs, federal student loan programs, and debt consolidation. Each has its pros and cons, but when you find the right one for you, it’s better than a resolution. It’s a solution.”

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