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In the last 18 months, the Debt Free Guys have helped consumers pay off over $300,000 of credit card debt. They plan to help even more people by partnering with

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – and the Debt Free Guys, David Auten and John Schneider, bring consumers a debt solution that will buck the trend of the debt avalanche and snowball methods.

The Debt Lasso™ Method encourages consumers to put their debt into fewer locations with the lowest interest rates as possible. This method promises to raise consumer credit scores as well.

“Right now, the Debt Avalanche and Debt Snowball simply help you marshal your income, so you make steady payments in the order and amounts that will best help you get out of debt,” says chairman, Howard Dvorkin, CPA. “What David and John have come up with is even stronger, because it logically folds in other powerful debt-busting tools, making them all work harmoniously and logically together.”

David and John came up with the Debt Lasso Method when they found themselves in $51,000 of credit card debt and paid it off in less than three years. They packaged this idea into their Credit Card Payoff Plan and have partnered with to bring this program to millions.

“We’re excited to launch our partnership with,” say Auten and Schneider. “No matter where you are emotionally and financially with your debt, there is a solution between and the Debt Free Guys’ Credit Card Payoff Plan to help you. If you simply need a little coaching, we’ve got you. If you’re committed to paying your debt off yourself, we can help you. If you need to take more serious measures, we have the support you need.”

Consumers can sign-up for the Debt Free Guys’ Credit Card Payoff Plan at this sign-up page.

“Giving consumers personalized plans for getting out of debt has always been my goal for,” says Dvorkin. “When I was interviewed by David and John on the Queer Money® Podcast, I knew then that partnering with the Debt Free Guys would add value to our one-stop-shop debt solution model.”

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About: The Debt Free Guys help Americans live fabulously not fabulously broke. After they found themselves in $51,000 in credit card debt, they came up with the Debt Lasso Method. They write and speak for the Queer Money® podcast,, and their Credit Card Pay Off Plan.

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