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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 20, 2020 — As states move to reopen and Americans get back to work, millions of households are struggling to pick up the financial pieces in the wake of shutdowns, record high unemployment, and rampant pay cuts.

To help people find practical solutions to address their debt and cope with financial burdens, has established a free service that connects people with qualified experts who can answer questions, recommend resources, and provide vital information. Since the shutdowns and quarantines began, has helped more than 100,000 people with over $900 million dollars collectively.

“Many businesses have been offering deep discounts on their goods and services during this pandemic, and I applaud them for that,” says Howard Dvorkin, Chairman of “We wanted to step up and offer free help for getting out of debt and yes, it’s possible to do that during a pandemic.” has a panel of experts and of debt relief providers that include certified consumer credit and housing counselors, debt settlement companies, bankruptcy attorneys, tax preparation and resolution services, student loan relief, and credit restoration services. The goal is to provide an easy way for a consumer to connect with a range of experts, who specialize in the specific challenges a consumer may be facing because of this crisis.

“For more than five years, our job has been helping people get out of debt. We don’t stop doing that because of a pandemic. In fact, we decided to double down,” explains Don Silvestri, President of “That’s why we’ve created this free service. When I asked our team of experts if they’d be willing to put in the time to answer the hotline, every single one of them was enthusiastic. They got into this line of work to help people, and there’s no more urgent and important time to do that than right now.”

Consumers can call the hotline now at 800-849-DEBT (3328). The free service will be available throughout the rest of the year and may be extended into 2021 if the crisis and resulting economic downturn continues.

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