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Most Prefer to Deal with Debt Online. So Why Can’t They?

By Steve Rhode | December 3, 2015

The “Get Out of Debt Guy” cites research showing people want to pay their debts off online and quotes chairman Howard Dvorkin on how that can work.

Most Prefer to Deal with Debt Online. So Why Can’t They?


Building A Business As A Consumer Advocate, Q&A With Financial Expert Howard Dvorkin

By Steve Olenski | November 28, 2015

Forbes writer Steve Olenski explores everything from Dvorkin’s origins as a CPA in Washington DC to “groundbreaking” discussions of debt in America to his concept for


Black Friday may no longer be the best day of the season to save money

By staff | November 23, 2015 chairman Howard Dvorkin explains how retailers think so you can use that knowledge to save yourself some money.

The Huffington Post

Here’s what happens when you stop paying your federal student loans

By Matthew Speiser | June 12, 2015

Two years after leaving school, students default on their federal loans at a rate of 9.1%, according to a 2013 report by the New York Federal Reserve. That figure jumps to 13.4% at the three-year mark.

Black Enterprise

How to Maximize Your GI Bill Housing Allowance

By Kandia Johnson | June 10, 2015 developed an interactive map,which shows the ‘best bang for vets’ buck in every state — taking into consideration the quality of the school, the housing allowance provided from the Post 9/11 GI Bill, plus the cost of living and safety of nearby neighborhoods.

The Huffington Post

Should We Donate to Church or a Charity When in Debt?

By Steve Rhode | May 19, 2015

I’ve been helping people with problem debt for decades and for that entire time, a constant question has been the guilt or demand to donate when dealing with debt. It’s a loaded subject.

What You Need to Know About Credit Monitoring and ID Theft Protection Services

By Sheryl Nance-Nash | May 17, 2015

The problem with many identify theft protection and credit monitoring companies is that they simply don’t offer the services necessary to fully protect a consumer, says Howard Dvorkin, author of Credit Hell: How to Dig Out of Debt, “For example, many don’t offer insurance, fraud alerts or proper customer assistance,” he says.  Be clear if you are buying a service that is reactive, meaning they help you out once you’ve been victimized, or whether it is preventive, they take steps to make it tougher for cyber criminals to have their way with your information.

Fox Business

Using a Credit Card for Financial Emergencies? Rarely a Smart Move

By Dan Rafter | May 13, 2015

“Credit cards are not designed to use for emergencies,” says Howard Dvorkin, founder of Consolidated Credit and the author of “Power Up: Taking Charge of Your Financial Destiny.” “It’s like using a hammer to do a screwdriver’s work. Something’s going to get broken, and in this case it’s the consumer’s finances.”

The Motley Fool

Using a Credit Card for Financial Emergencies: Rarely a Smart Move

The Motley Fool | May 11, 2015

“Credit cards are not designed to use for emergencies,” says Howard Dvorkin, founder of Consolidated Credit and the author of Power Up: Taking Charge of Your Financial Destiny. “It’s like using a hammer to do a screwdriver’s work. Something’s going to get …

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5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Without a Credit Card

By Chloe Della Costa | April 23, 2015

Secured cards have annual fees and higher interest rates than unsecured cards, so some experts recommend them only as a stepping stone to a traditional credit card. Howard Dvorkin, chairman of, warns secured credit cards are like the good, the bad, and the ugly: “Some are good. They have low fees and treat customers as customers instead of as cattle. The bad ones take advantage and extort the clients because of their situations. Then there’s the ugly, which are completely despicable. They’ll give you the card, but you have to buy this insurance policy for $55 a month.”


States where residents get the biggest tax refunds

By Kelli B. Grant | March 2015 crunched the numbers to see how tax refunds stack up state by state. These 10 have some of the biggest, and smallest.

Business Insider

Here’s the average amount residents of every state receive in their tax returns

By Sarah Schmalbruch | March 2015

To get an idea of just how much you can expect back, created a map using data from the IRS that shows the average tax return in each state.


The Best and Worst Cities To Save Money In The U.S. Might Make You Want To Move

By Lucia Peters |  March 2015

The economy may be improving, but it’s still not great — and some places make it easier to stretch your dollar than others.’s ranking of the best and worst cities to save money in the U.S. helps demystify the whole thing, though, offering data on 100 cities all over the country.

Business Insider

The best and worst cities to save money in the US

By Libby Kane | March 2015

The ability to save doesn’t just depend on your income — it’s your income versus your costs that really matters. And in some US cities, the cost of living is much more manageable than in others.

Is a Joint Bank Account A Good Idea for You?

Sheryl Nance-Nash

It’s no small matter either, says Howard Dvorkin, CPA and author of Credit Hell, that, “Individuals lose the freedom to manage their own money and both people have to rely on each other be financially responsible.”

The Daily Signal

 Do Your Income and Debt Levels Affect the Length of Your Life? This Map Suggests So

Kate Scanlon | February 21, 2015 

Researchers at were curious after seeing previous academic research that shows the negative impact of debt on both mental and physical health.


10 Student Discounts You Can Still Use After Graduating

By Carly Okyle | February 2015

So, you just graduated. Congratulations! Now could be the perfect time to start a business or buy a franchise, assuming you’ve got the energy and passion to do so. Of course, starting a business takes money — and with student loans and other bills your wallet might be feeling a little light. These discounts can help.

Main Street

40 Days of Savings: “Money Wasters” to Give Up for Lent to Boost Your Finances

By Kristin Colella | February 2015

Lent officially begins today, with Ash Wednesday kicking off 40 days of prayer, penance and self-sacrifice. Why not give up something unnecessary in your life that’s been a drain on your wallet?


 3 Ways Your Small Business Can Save on Credit Card Processing Fees

By Steve Nicastro | January 29, 2015

Just 23% of all point-of-sale purchases will be made with cash by 2017 … choose one that has the lowest fees — as long as they still have good service. Howard Dvorkin, a certified public accountant and chairman of, says merchants should …

3 Ways Your Small Business Can Save on Credit Card Processing Fees

NewsdayMoney Fix: Paying off the holiday debt

By Sheryl Nance-Nash | January 2015

The magic of the holidays is over — now it’s all about the bills. According to an Experian Consumer Services survey, 70 percent of those polled planned to use credit for the more than $750 they estimated spending. Instead of wallowing in regret, commit to repaying holiday debt by March.


5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay Motivated Every Day

By Drew Hendricks | January 2015

Entrepreneurs need motivation by the bucketful, but some days it’s easier to stir up than others. It’s fantastic to have big, long-term goals, but don’t underestimate the power of little, daily ones.

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What Santa Could Buy With Student Loan Debt

By Danica Davidson | December 2014

Lots of people go shopping for presents this time of year, but if you’re a current or former student who has student debt to keep in mind, that can really bust your wallet. cranked out the numbers and came up with an idea: what if all that money went to Santa for holiday shopping?


Be Strategic With Credit-Card Balance Transfers

By Lisa Gerstner | December 2014

Transferring a balance from a credit card with a high annual percentage rate to one with a lower rate could save you a bucket of cash. You could, for example, save $750 by moving a $5,000 balance from a card with an 18% rate to one that charges zero interest for 12 months.

The Washington PostThe Boston GlobePortland Press Herald

The average student debt burden in each state—in one alarming map

By Danielle Douglas-Gabriel | November 21, 2014

Six of the 10 states with the highest debt loads are located in the Northeast. New Hampshire topped the list, with graduates leaving school with an average $32,795, about 11 percent higher than the national average of $28,400. The state is home to a number of private schools, including Dartmouth College, with tuition, room and board exceeding $40,000 a year.

The Times-Picayune

Louisiana college graduates among those with lowest student loan debt

By Quincy Hodges | November 21, 2014

Some of the most prestigious colleges in the country are along the eastern seaboard, but if you want to graduate without massive debt, Louisiana is one of the states that fares well when it comes to average student loan debt.

News Channel 3

Student debt rates, ranking by state

By NewsChannel 3 Michigan | November 20, 2014

A new report is revealing which states have the worst student debt for college graduates. A map was created using data from the Department of Education and several other sources. The interactive map from lists the average debt for graduating seniors from colleges in each state. Michigan comes in at number 8 with the average debt of just below $30,000. Indiana is at umber 16 position with just over $28,000 of debt.

The Huffington Post

Here Is The Average Student Debt Burden In Each State

By Ryan Phillips | November 19, 2014

A college degree is still immensely valuable in America, boosting lifetime earnings for people that have one. But for many students, the trade-off for getting a degree is an enormous pile of student-loan debt. This interactive map, built by, a personal finance website, displays data by state on the average student debt load of graduating seniors from colleges in each state.

Birmingham Business Journal

Alabama’s student debt ranked one of the highest in the U.S.

By Ryan Phillips | November 19, 2014

Student debt continues to grow across the country, but one study shows that not all states are equal in repaying student loans., a personal finance website, recently released a state-by-state layout of student loan debt with Alabama ranking as the 12th worst state for student loan debt.

Business Insider

11 Of The Weirdest Scholarships Students Can Get

By Sara Schmalbruch | November 18 2014

If you’re left-handed, a natural redhead, or a skilled duck caller, you might be able to get a scholarship because of it.’s scholarship infographic, published on Business Insider, shows how your height, name, or random hobby could translate into money towards your education. It also mentions our scholarship that awards $500 to “aggressive applicants.” To apply, you just need to show proof of the other scholarships you’ve applied to!

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Infographic: What You Could Buy with the Nation’s Student Loan Debt

By Sheiresa Ngo | October  31, 2014

Black Enterprise online promotes’s infographic about what you could buy with the nation’s student loan debt.  Have you ever wondered what you could buy with all the student loan debt in the United States? Well, wonder no more. Personal finance website has released a new infographic showing exactly what you could purchase if someone owed you $1 trillion.

The Huffington Post

5 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Manage Their Finances

By John Rampton | October 29, 2014

The Huffington Post promotes’s 3 Easy Steps to Avoid End-of-Year Debt in an article for entrepreneurs on how to create cash reserves and manage finances. The post points out that not all entrepreneurs are able to manage their finances because not everyone is familiar with areas like accounting. They recommend five tips to assist business owners.


5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Reduce Their Debt

By John Boitnott October 5, 2014

Starting a new business requires a lot of money up front and often involves quite a bit of financial risk. Howard Dvorkin, CPA and Chairman of offers advice to INC. Magazine about how to manage money effectively and to find ways to cut back without sacrificing vital elements that make a business successful.


Bill collectors calling your boss? Here’s what to do

By Anne Fisher | August 28, 2014

Anne Fisher of Fortune Magazine speaks with Howard Dvorkin, CPA and personal finance expert for about the best way to fight back against collection agencies’ aggressive tactics.


Average Debt in Collections: $6,767 In South Florida

By Donna Gehrke-White } August 13, 2014

Howard Dvorkin, CPA and Chairman of speaks to the Sun-Sentinel about how nearly four out of 10 South Floridians with a credit history have a debt in collections.

Tips for Saving Money on Travel and Cruise Vacations: How to Plan a Debt-Free Vacation

By Laura Adams, MBA | August 13, 2014

But what if you want to go on a real vacation? According to Howard Dvorkin, CPA and personal finance author from, there are 3 easy steps to planning a debt-free vacation.

U.S. News and World Report

3 Money Traps of Back-to-School Shopping

By Matthew  Ong | Aug. 11, 2014
Before hitting the school supply aisles, Matt Ong speaks with Chairman Howard Dvorkin to find out how to save more money this back-to-school season.