This week: If we're killed while looking at our phones, when will we figure it out?

92 percent

American drivers who “use their phone while behind the wheel,” according to EverQuote. Now consider this: “More than one third (36 percent) of all trips taken involved speeding 10 miles per hour over the speed limit.” Can you say “fiery crash?”

68 percent

Americans who have “safety concerns” about self-driving cars if they could climb into one right now, according to Allianz Insurance. Weirdly, only 48 percent have the same concerns about space travel.

22 percent

Smartphone users worldwide “tap into their phones every 5 minutes,” according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Another 63 percent “use their device every 30 minutes or more.”

11 hours

How much time “the average American spends a looking at a screen,” according to the Nielsen Company. “American kids are not far behind, clocking in at an estimated 6 hours per day.”

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