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With five million customers and $250 million in payouts to them, decluttr continues to make second-hand selling less of a gamble — and less of a headache.

The buy-back service allows users to sell their used and unwanted electronics easily. Whether it’s for an old DVD, book, video game, or other items, the decluttr iPhone or Android app will provide you with an instant quote for it. If it’s simpler, you can use the app to scan the item, too.

What is decluttr?

If you like the price, decluttr pays for a shipping label you can use to send them the goods.

Once they get the package, they pay you the following day through PayPal or direct deposit, send you a check, or donate the proceeds to a charity.

If you don’t like the price, the product’s sent back to you for free, with no questions asked. The idea is to make it hassle-free.

In Decluttr’s words, you simply:

  • Scan it.
  • Send it.
  • Spend it.

Here’s a 90-second video explaining how the UK-based company — which has been operating overseas since 2007 as Music Magpie, and arrived stateside in 2014 as Decluttr — makes it pain-free to finally get rid of those old gadgets doing nothing but gathering dust.

What does decluttr do? spoke to decluttr’s Head of Marketing James Bell, who said the company aims to make second-hand selling “as easy and pain-free for consumers as possible.”

“The customers have all these items they want to declutter, but no one has the time to list the products themselves,” Bell said. “That’s where we come in.”

The company, of course, needs to make its own money, and to that end turns around and resells the items it’s bought on its own store and other online markets like eBay and Amazon. And it’s got big plans, Bell said. decluttr’s planning to expand the types of tech it buys, and you might be surprised by how far back some of its interests go.

We took a look to see exactly what the company’s willing to buy. When it comes to phones, you can get some cash for your…

  • iPhone X or Galaxy S9, which is obvious
  • But also your iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4

And Bell says its phone prices are much better than more traditional buy-back programs, too, noting sellers can expect about 33 percent more for their phones from decluttr than from their phone carriers.

When it comes to game consoles, you can declutter your home of…

  • Xbox One or PlayStation 4, top sellers and contenders
  • But also your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 2, which are ancient by some standards

That’s not all. You could sell an old Kindle, tablets, wearables, and even LEGO (ten pounds of bricks in good condition gets you $10).

How is Decluttr different from the competition?

Unlike seller services like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or Swappa, decluttr’s charm is that you don’t need to have any charm to get paid — no people skills are required or needed.

Finally, in what Bell said was “taking the pain out of the transaction,” one of decluttr’s value propositions to its users is handling the handoff so sellers don’t have to list their products, haggle for good prices, or meet with potential buyers.

According to Bell, “this gives people a sense of trust.”

If you want to hear from actual sellers, check out the testimonials decluttr posts on its YouTube page.

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