We want to be drunk, alone, and online.

95 percent

Americans who “want to be left alone while shopping unless they need a store associate’s help,” according to HRC Retail Advisory. It gets worse: 85 percent want to “check prices at price scanners throughout a store rather than having to ask a sales associate for pricing information.”

46 percent

Men who “are frequently shopping on Amazon,” compared to 60 percent of women, according to First Insight. Why? Because 44 percent of men want “to touch and feel a product…a sentiment shared by only 33 percent of women.”

46 percent

American adults who “regularly admit to making a purchase while under the influence,” according to Finder. Pollsters didn’t define “regularly” but added that per year, “Americans have spent an estimated $30.43 billion on these spontaneous drunk purchases, or about $447.57 per person.”

9 percent

Americans who say “they always get excellent customer service,” according to Arvato. The biggest complaints: long hold times (34 percent) and having to repeat information (31 percent).

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